Who is Terrell Harper? NYC Man Threatens to 'F**k Up' Next NYPD Cop's Funeral; Hurled Racial Slurs at Asian Cop Earlier

'I'm looking for the next cop funeral,' Terrell Harper, 39, said in a video posted Saturday.

A New York City man who was earlier filmed hurling racial slurs at an Asian NYPD detective said in his Instagram stories that he 'can't wait' for another cop to die so he can 'f*** up' their funeral. Terrell Harper's rant comes days before a second of two NYPD officers, who were killed on duty in Harlem, will be laid to rest.

Terrell Harper, 39, posted the video on a private Instagram account @Relly_Rebel on Saturday, a day after the city paid tribute to the slain officer, Jason Riviera, 22. The rookie officer was killed while responding to a domestic violence call in a Harlem apartment on January 21. Rivera's partner, Wilbert Mora, 27, was critically injured during the shooting and died on Tuesday.

The shooter, Lashawn McNeil, also died of police-inflicted wounds on Monday. He was a career criminal and a convicted felon. He was arrested and served time in prison on several occasions before killing two NYPD officers in Harlem on January 21.

Terell Harper
Terell Harper Screen grab - Instagram

'I'm looking for the next cop funeral'

"I'm f****** their next funeral up,' Harper said in Saturday's video. "I can't wait for one of y'all to die so I can f*** your funeral up, n****," he added.

"'I can't wait. I'm looking for the next cop funeral. I'm gonna f*** it up, bro. I'm gonna f*** that s**t up. That'll make news ASAP," he said in the now-deleted video.

His alleged threats surface days before Officer Wilbert Mora's funeral Wednesday at St. Patrick's Cathedral, where his partner Rivera was also laid to rest.

Wilbert Mora
Wilbert Mora Screen grab - NYPD

Harper's video went viral on Twitter in no time with people wishing he meets the same fate as actress Jacqueline Guzman. The actress was fired from her job after going on a rant about slain officer Jason Riviera's funeral.

'Goddamn cat eater'

Last year, Harper was filmed calling NYPD Detective Vincent Cheung a 'goddamn cat eater.'
He even asked the officer if he was 'going to Judo chop him. The Asian officer had filed a first-of-its-kind lawsuit over the racial attack.

According to sources, Harper's last known address is in Neptune, New Jersey. He has had three prior arrests in New York City. He was charged with making terroristic threats and menacing in the third degree in December 2020.