Who is Serena Cator? Oklahoma School Teacher Arrested for Sexting Male Students, Including Two Who Dated Her Daughter

Serena Cator
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A former McLoud High School home-economics teacher was arrested last Thursday and is now facing three felony counts of soliciting sexual conduct or communication with minors by use of technology.

McLoud Public Schools Superintendent, Rhonda Hockenbury told local news outlet KFOR they first received reports of a possible incident involving 43-year-old Serena Cator in September 2022. "The allegation initiated a prompt and thorough investigation by the district. The employee was placed on administrative leave," said Hockenbury.

Cator was Messaging Male Students Aged 14-18, Exchanging Nude Photos with Them

A probable cause affidavit reveals their internal investigation found Cator had been messaging male students between the ages of 14 and 18, sending and requesting nude pictures and sexual messages to and from three known victims/students.

Cator was interviewed by school administrators to which she signed a written statement saying she, "willingly admitted she has been sending and receiving lewd and indecent messages and pictures from several of her male students."

The educator gave administrators a list of 10 students she had been having inappropriate conversations with. During the interview with Cator, she admitted two of the victims were in a relationship with her daughter at one point.

Cator Had a Pattern of Stalking, Grooming Her Victims

A probable cause affidavit shows there was a pattern in how Cator came in contact with her victims. Documents show Cator would become close friends with parents, specifically the mother, of the young boys she was "stalking."

Cator would allegedly send photos of the boys in class or at sporting events to the parents. "[Cator] told the parents how great each of the boys were doing," court records show. The affidavit then goes into detail about how Cator would then approach the boys at school and follow that up with taking their relationship to various social media platforms, including Snapchat.

During Cator's interview with district staff, she claimed to drink "way too much" and knows she "needs help." She listed a multitude of other reasons for her behavior as well.

Victim Said Cator Told Him She Wanted to Meet Up to Have Oral Sex

One of the parents claimed her daughter made remarks indicating Cator was having sex with some of the students back in November. That's when school district staff sat down with Cator for an interview.

The school district's findings were then given to the McLoud Police Department (MPD). McLoud Police Chief, Kyle Webb said their investigation began in November. The police interviewed a few students, but most said they didn't want to get involved.

One victim told police he would receive nude photos from Cator and sent nude pictures in return. He also said Cator wanted to meet up with him and have oral sex.

Parents Didn't Raise Concern Because They 'Knew' Cator

"Serena Cator is a predator, a stalker and a pedophile, stalking young boys from the age of 14 and up. Most of the young victims said they found the situation extremely weird and cut off correspondence before they got lured to Snapchat or just after," the affidavit read.

"Most of the parents felt uneasy about the constant texts and pictures from class and from sporting events, where Cator was bragging on the students," the affidavit continued. "All the parents said if it had been their daughter and a male teacher they would have been alarmed but each said they pushed down the 'weirdness' of it because it was their sons and a female teacher, who they 'thought' they knew."

According to Pottawatomie County Detention Center records, Cator is no longer listed as a current inmate. She is out on a $15,000 bail. Cator hasn't been an employee at MPS since December 20, 2022.

In a statement, State Superintendent Ryan Walters said, "We are in communication with the investigators and law enforcement. We are at this time prepared to take swift and decisive action in the matter. This agency has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to abuse of children."