Who is Samuel Elliott? Indiana Uni Student Arrested For Raping Drunk Female as she Vomited in Dorm Bathroom

Samuel Elliott, 18, raped a drunk female co-ed while she was puking in the washroom.

An Indiana University student was charged with raping a drunk female co-ed in a dormitory bathroom. The incident is said to have happened at the Teter-Thomson residence hall nearly two months ago. Samuel Elliott, 18, turned himself over to the police last week.

On the night of the incident, Elliott allegedly asked the victim, who was drunk, to have sex in the dorm bathroom. She refused him saying was too intoxicated to give consent and started vomiting. The victim told the police that Elliott raped her in the washroom while she was still puking. Elliott was booked into the Monroe County jail on a single count of rape.

Quoting probable cause affidavit, The Herald-Times noted that the victim, who's not named, was initially hesitant to file charges against Elliott, but her friends convinced her to do it. One of her friends allegedly collected a used condom from the scene of the incident to present as proof.

Samuel Eliott
Samuel Elliott Monroe County Jail

What happened on the night of the incident?

According to court documents, around seven Uni students were drinking alcohol on December 2, 2021, in the third-floor dormitory lounge. After a resident assistant asked them to leave, the students went to a room and continued drinking.

The accuser noted she was highly intoxicated at one point having been drinking for 3 hours. According to FOX59, she further said that feeling sick, she lay down on the floor when Elliott tried to touch her inappropriately. When she went to the bathroom to vomit, he followed her and asked to have sex with her in there.

According to the affidavit, she told Elliott that she was far too intoxicated to consent, but as she was puking, he raped her. He then told her to keep whatever happened between them a secret and walked her to her room, where she confided in a friend. The friend then went to the bathroom where the rape happened and found a used condom and preserved it for evidence.

$25000 bond

The accuser reported the alleged rape on December 6 and her friend turned over the condom to the police. A warrant for Elliott was issued on January 20 and he was taken into custody a week later. He was released after posting 10% of his $25,000 bond and is due back in court on February 4.