Who is Patrick Montgomery? Capitol Rioter in House Arrest After Killing Mountain Lion

Patrick Montgomery, a Capitol insurrectionist who was caught assaulting a police officer, was placed under house arrest after he shot and killed a mountain lion. Montgomery was banned by the court from possessing firearms.

Colorado-based Montgomery, who runs a guide service called Pmonte Outdoors in Littleton, was identified by his Facebook friends after he posted the photographs clicked inside the Capitol during the attack.

Patrick Montgomery
Patrick Montgomery Twitter

Montgomery Killed Mountain Lion With a .357 Magnum Handgun

The 48-year-old was indicted on 10 counts after allegedly entering the Capitol building and "kicking a police officer in the chest and trying to take his baton during riots, according to The Denver Gazette.

"Montgomery has no respect for the Court's orders, just like he had no respect for law enforcement at the Capitol on January 6," acting United States Attorney Channing Phillips had written in the court documents.

"Instead of peacefully protesting, he tried to grab a Metropolitan Police Department officer's baton, wrestled him to the ground for it, and then kicked the officer in the chest while wearing a boot," Phillips claims. "After the officer regained control of his baton, Montgomery stood up, and held up his two middle fingers at the officer. "

The Blaze reported that the Capitol rioter allegedly told an officer at a park that he had killed the animal with a .357 magnum handgun. Following the picture which surfaced days after he made the kill on March 31, the prosecutors asked the judge to place Montgomery under house arrest for allegedly violating the terms to not "possess illegal firearms."

Montgomery Had Killed a Bobcat in January

Montgomery was earlier convicted of three counts of felony for armed robbery in New Mexico in 1996.

The Capitol rioter was also being investigated by the state authorities after it was found that he had illegally hunted a bobcat in January, allegedly using a slingshot to knock it out of a tree and then allowed his dogs to kill it in violation of state law.

CBS News reported that when asked about possessing a firearm despite the ban, Montgomery said that "he was granted a plea agreement that allowed him possession of firearms for the purposes of hunting and guiding."