Who Is Patricia Cornwall? Delta Airlines Karen Who Attacked Passenger Identified and Arrested

The fight started with one man refusing to put on his mask as he was eating and drinking, while the one fighting had her mask down on her chin.

The unruly woman who was taken into custody by the FBI after she fought with passenger on a Delta Airlines flight from Tampa Bay to Atlanta on December 23 over wearing a mask has been identified as Patricia Cornwall. The woman was captured on video fighting with the other passenger, which has since gone viral.

The video was posted on Twitter by the ATL Uncensored account Friday night, as well as by a fellow passenger on Instagram. Cornwall allegedly assaulted the elderly passenger for not wearing a mask while he was drinking and eating.

Wild Fight

According to the Atlanta Police Department, officers received a call about an unruly passenger on Delta flight 2790 on Thursday. When the airplane arrived at its gate, officers were told that the woman, Patricia Cornwall, caused a disturbance in the air. That disturbance reportedly led to the injury of fellow passengers and Delta employees.

The video of the incident, which has garnered over 4.2 million views, starts off with Cornwall squaring off over the elderly man for not wearing a mask on the Delta flight. "Put your f***ing mask on," Cornwall, who is more clearly audible than the man, says pointedly. Her mask is also lowered down to her chin, the video shows.

Patricia Cornwall
Patricia Cornwall yelling at the elderly man midair Twitter

However, the man doesn't sit quiet. He in return threatens to pour his drink over Cornwall's head and says, "God d***it," the footage shows. He then starts to stand up and Cornwall instigates him again by saying, "Stand you're a** up!"

Unable to control himself the angry man the shouts: "Sit down, Karen!," using what's become an invective for white women. "You're a god**n Karen, sit down!'

The woman spars back: "Sit down, p***y!'

He snaps back: "P***y? No, you're the p***y." The profanity-laden conversation continues, when a flight attendant approaches Cornwall and asks her if she wants the police to meet her on the ground and points out that she has her mask down.

Cornwall remains unmoved and turns to the elderly man again and orders: "Mask up!"

Patricia Cornwall fighting
Patricia Cornwall fighting fighting on the Delta flight Twitter

She then orders the flight attendant to tell him to put the face covering on as the man finally argues that he's eating and drinking, therefore technically allowed to have his mask down.

Who is at Fault?

The long argument and fight continued when police were finally asked to intervene. Based on that evidence, police detained Cornwall and contacted the on-call FBI agent. Cornwall was taken to the Atlanta Police precinct inside the airport where FBI agents responded and took her into custody.

Patricia Cornwall fight
Patricia Cornwall fighting Twitter

The video shows, Cornwall being finally escorted away. According to an eyewitness, "a dozen" cops were waiting for her on the ground but it's unclear if any arrests or charges stemmed from the incident.

An increasing number of incidents are being reported about passengers putting up fights inside flights. This has been delaying flights and also at times crew members and passengers have been hurt.

However, the incident this time was different. The fight started with one man refusing to put on his mask as he was eating and drinking, while the one fighting had her mask down on her chin.

Twitter uses, especially conservatives, took the elderly man's side.

Brad Polumbo wrote: "Corona Karens are a menace to public safety."

Nick Searcy tweeted: "This is how Democrats celebrate Christmas."