Who is Noah Esbensen? 22-Year-Old Kills 3 in Copenhagen Mall Shooting; Posted YouTube Videos Titled 'I Don't Care'

Three people were killed and several injured after a 22-year-old man opened fire at an unsuspecting crowd in a shopping mall in Copenhagen on Sunday. The accused, who was arrested by the police, was identified as Noah Esbensen on social media.

The attack took place hours before Harry Styles was scheduled to perform at Royal Arena, located nearby. The show which was initially postponed was later cancelled following safety concerns.

Noah Esbensen
Noah Esbensen
Noah Esbensen
Copenhagen shooter, identified as Noah Esbensen on social media, killed 3 during a shooting spree on Sunday.

Video Shows Shooter Roaming Inside the Mall with the Weapon

The incident took place at Field's shopping center located between the city centre and Copenhagen airport, around 6.00 pm. BBC reported that while refusing to divulge the identity of the shooter, Soren Thomassen, an inspector with the Copenhagen police, said that deceased included a man in his 40s and two young people.

"We are convinced that the man we arrested is the perpetrator. He had in his possession a rifle, and he had in his possession ammunition for that rifle," said Thomassen.

A video which surfaced on social media shortly after, shows a violent and angry shooter chasing the crowd with a Scandinavian Target rifle as he fires shots. At one point he is seen swinging the weapon around his shoulders as he paces through the mall.

Shooter Had Posted Videos on You Tube

The Daily Mail reported that Esbensen recently posted multiple videos on You Tube. Titled, "I don't Care," the video included a gun which the shooter held to his head. The weapon, a choice for Nordic sport shooters, which the shooter was seen using during the shooting spree was also seen in Esbensen's videos. The videos have been removed by the platform following the shootout.

While the motive of the shooting is still not clear, chatter on the social media suggested that the shooter was targeting the Muslims in the mall. "Another mass shooting. This time by Noah Esbensen. He disliked Muslims. But he disliked himself. He disliked life and was mentally ill. When are we gone stop focusing on religion, and stop calling it terrorism. Even if it's done by someone who is not white," tweeted a user.

"Well it transpires his name is Noah Esbensen. A white terrorist who has shot Muslims as a so called Christian Crusader. So not Muhammed at all which is what you want to believe.... Want to twist this to your narrative yet?" wrote another.

"#white #supremacist Noah Esbensen in #Copenhagen mentioned #ElPaso, #Cristchurch & #Pittsburgh's terrorist attacks. He called himself a "crusader fighting to cleanse #Dennark of Muslim invaders" why @Europarl_EN is not launching a war against White supremacist TERRORISM?"