Who Is Kristin Elise? NFL Cheerleader Claims She Was Fired from Her Job after Her Nudes Got Leaked on Social Media

Elise was fired as a Colts cheerleader at the end of the American football season, but she believes the leaks were a factor in her dismissal.

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A gorgeous looking NFL cheerleader has claimed that she was unceremoniously thrown out of her job with the with the Indianapolis Colts after her nude photos got leaked on Reddit, only to become public material. Kristin Elise, 28, a full-time model from Austin, Texas, was fired by the team after one of her fans took her private nudes from her OnlyFans account and posted them on Reddit.

Elise claims that after her boss and team management learned about the leaked nudes, she was called and fired without giving her a chance to give an explanation. Elise also has a sizable Instagram following and frequently shares her raunchy photographs on the platform.

Unceremonious Exit

Kristin Elise
Kristin Elise Instagram

Elise was fired as a Colts cheerleader at the end of the American football season, but she believes the leaks were a factor in her dismissal. Elise claims she was taken aback when she discovered that one of her fans had stolen her private nudes from her OnlyFans account then made them public by uploading them on Reddit.

OnlyFans has rigorous content-sharing policies, which the fan also broke.

However, a more shocking thing happened next when the blonde model was fired from her job as an NFL cheerleader as a result of this. Elise claims that the Indianapolis Colts were one of her favorite teams, and she never imagined that her full-time modelling job would cost her the job of a cheerleader.

"I loved being able to be a part of the game and enjoy it from the field," she told Jam Press. "I also loved being able to dance and cheer on one of my favorite teams, expressing that part of myself and being a part of the whole organization.

"I was fired towards the end of the season due to my naked photos being leaked on Reddit."

Elise says the team learnt about her job as a nude model after one of the team bosses came across her nude photos. The model regrets that she wasn't even given a chance to defend herself. Instead, she was sent an email by her bosses that she was being fired from her job.

No Excuses

Despite being terminated from her job, Elise doesn't blame the NFL for what happened, claiming that it is "ultimately" her fault for violating their "laws and norms." She claimed that the team is "extremely conservative" and that "their cheerleaders are not allowed to conduct nude modelling."

"I won't be taking the matter further because it's ultimately my fault, due to breaking their rules and guidelines. At the same time, she fears that as a result of the incident, she may never be able to work for the NFL again.

However, she is happy doing nude photoshoots and wants to move on in life. She said she is currently focusing all of her energy on her modelling profession. She began modelling five years ago and then began sharing her naked images on social media.

"I really enjoy what I do full-time. It gives me the freedom to creatively express myself, which has been super empowering.

Her job loss with the Colts may have left her "heartbroken," but she claimed she will continue to support the team because she has been a fan since she was a child.