Who is Kirsty Buchan? Physics Teacher Forced to Resign After Students Discover Explicit OnlyFans Account

Kirsty Buchan, a Physics teacher, was forced to quit her job after her students stumbled upon her OnlyFans account featuring a series of racy pictures. The 33-year-old teacher from Scotland was teaching at Bannerman High School.

Kirsty Buchan
Kirsty Buchan Twitter

"Good Teacher Gone Bad"

Buchan joined the adult content platform to meet the expenses after her wages were cut for taking few days off to look after her ailing son. The 33-year-old who goes by the name of Jessica Jackrabbit on the platform describes herself as "Good teacher gone bad.. really bad" on her page.

Kirsty Buchan

Blaming the parents and her students for her lost job, Buchan said that her 11-year-old son has to undergo an operation for a stomach ailment. Speaking to The Scottish Sun, the former teacher said blamed the parents for failing to protect their children from visiting adult content sites.

"Some people are being so judgemental but I am on an 18+ site and if the kids get access to the content then that is down to the parents failing to protect their devices. Who are others to judge? It's my story to tell. I will do anything to provide for my son. How many parents can say they can do that," she said.

"Now people have asked me if I am being stupid but I am not stupid, I have a physics degree and worked hard. I could go to my work and not be respected by my bosses - or I can post pictures and make money to provide for my son. To me, that is using my brain. Some people are saying I must be mad to go from being a physics teacher to selling nude photos online," added the busty former teacher.

Buchan Was Placed Under Investigation

Speaking to the outlet, a spokesperson for the Glasgow City Council said that the teacher was under investigation prior to tendering her resignation following the widespread distribution of wholly inappropriate and pornographic images.

The spokesperson further claimed that the council has a code of conduct that all employees should adhere to and a teacher who has actively pursued a second income on this type of website brings their school, the council and their profession into disrepute.

"We will be referring the details of our investigation to the General Teaching Council (GTC) and have responded to parental complaints made to the school. It is very telling that this person has tried to deflect from this situation by taking advantage of current news stories about the school which has no relation to the disciplinary proceedings," she added.