Who Killed Joseph Taheim Bryan? Writer-Producer for ICE-T Film Shot Dead in New York City

Joseph Taheim Bryan, who recently helmed the ICE-T action film titled Equal Standard, was shot dead in New York City on Thursday night.

According to reports, the writer/producer was inside his new Mercedes-Benz car when the shooter brutally killed him. Reports reveal that the horrific incident took place at 11:15. After being found with gunshot wounds, the bleeding producer was rushed to Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan but, it was too late as doctors declared him dead.

Learning the news of his friend's death, ICE-T took to his Twitter account to express his anguish over the brutal murder. "MFs Killed my friend last night. I'm not in a good place behind this. Taheim was a GOOD dude making Positive moves. He wrote & we made the film EqualStandard together. He leaves a Wife&Daughter. Dirty MFs followed him home and Murdered him," the rapper quoted.

Later on Friday, Ice-T tweeted that 'losing friends and family to the streets makes you cold.' He even hinted at having PTSD due to this incident as he further tweeted, "You can't tell me shit about PTSD. How many of your friends have been Murdered? It changes you."

The father-of-three also posted the screenshot of his tweet on his official Instagram handle which garnered several likes within hours and fans flooded the comment section with their supportive messages.

Joseph Taheim Bryan shot
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"Were you really asking me how many friends I've lost to the streets, or are you just making a statement? Were you wondering about the time I was shot with a 45 at 13 or the time I was stabbed 3 times in the chest at 15 Or were you just making a statement? I'm not cold, I'm real," a user commented on ICE-T's post.

Another said, "Sorry to hear. I held my best friend in my arms as he left this world. It does something to a human being to watch someone's life end. You are never the same."

Who killed Joseph Taheim Bryan?

Police said that Bryan was shot seven times out of which he got hit four times in his arm and torso before the shooter fled the scene. The incident occurred in front of 28-10 Jackson Ave. However, no arrests have been made so far. Reportedly, the assassin who killed the Bryan 'was allegedly dropped off around the corner on Jackson Avenue by a driver, who rode away in a dark-colored Mazda. Police scoured the crime scene Friday for video surveillance that could help them solve the case and identify the gunman.