Who is Jozeph Paul Zhang? ISIS and Al-Qaeda Want to Behead Indonesian Who Says He is '26th Prophet'

An Indonesian man of Chinese origin named Jozeph Paul Zhang ruffled feathers after calling himself the ''26th Prophet'' in a YouTube video that eventually went viral in no time, angering Muslims during the Ramadan season.

Zhang, apart from claiming to be the 26th Prophet, also made offensive remarks about Islam and Muslims. He now faces death threats by the terrorist group ISIS.

Jozeph Paul Zhang
Jozeph Paul Zhang / YouTube grab

The Islamic State (ISIS) in Indonesia and Malaysia has called for Zhang's beheading for insulting the Prophet. Pro Al-Qaeda groups have also called for his death.

The Indonesian police have filed a complaint against Zhang for hurting the religious sentiments of Muslims and are investigating the case. Zhang is booked under blasphemy laws and the Interpol has issued a red notice against him.

Where is Jozeph Paul Zhang?

The whereabouts of Jozeph Paul Zhang is a mystery, as the local media in Indonesia quoted immigration authorities saying that Zhang left the country in 2018 and flew to Hong Kong with a one way ticket and never returned.

Speculations are rife that Zhang is currently somewhere in Europe but his exact location is yet to be confirmed. While several leaders in Indonesia claim him to be in Germany, the others say he might be somewhere else and has remained as a speculation.

''We strongly believe the person in question is somewhere in Europe,'' said the National Police spokesman Rusdi Hartono to This Week and later stated that he might be in Germany.

Also, people outraged by Zhang's comments dug up his old videos and is now doing the rounds on the internet in which he's seen saying he has already renounced his Indonesian citizenship and that any actions against him would have to be ''decided by the laws of Europe''.

Experts have warned that Zhang's ethnicity might spark attacks against Chinese-Indonesians turning the Muslim community get violent against non-Muslims in the country and may see a spike in attacks against Chinese run businesses.

Zhang's video comes on the heels if two terror attacks that rocked Indonesia, including a Church suicide bombing in Makassar and an attempted terror attack by a 25-year-old woman in the Indonesian police headquarters.

Indonesia is the world's most populous Muslim country and 90 percent of its 270 million people identify as followers of Islam and are currently observing the holy month of Ramadan and fast from dawn to dusk.