Who is Jeff Bezos? Asks a US student while the Amazon founder gives a lecture in the classroom

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The Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos is the richest man on earth with a whopping net worth of $112 billion. He was invited at the Dunbar High School in Washington, DC to interact with the computer science class students and talked about 'Future Engineer program'. While Jeff was giving his lecture to the class, a student was heard asking another student twice, "Who's Jeff Bezos?". The other student informed that he own the largest companies in the world. The student replied, "Big deal, so what?"

The video has gone viral all over social media and people are not able to wrap their heads as to why the teenager doesn't give two hoots about Jeff Bezos . People pay huge amounts of cash just to hear his lecture at several entrepreneurial and business events. But all of that doesn't matter to teenage students.

The funny part is that a few minutes later, Jeff Bezos was seen talking to the same student and he explained to the Amazon CEO about his computer projects. Bezos told him, "You are a good storyteller. Keep up that skill too." The viral video was taken by NBC Washington's Caroline Tucker at the school program.

To everyone's surprise, the student who asked ''Who's Jeff Bezos'' was the only one to talk to Jeff Bezoz in the class about how much he has learned about coding. Caroline Tucker said that the student told her that he ''wanted to seize the opportunity to talk to the CEO.''

Also, the teacher of the class opened up to New York Times by saying that "only about three" students in her class of 15 knew who Jeff Bezos was when he walked into the classroom as a surprise guest lecturer. The others were clueless as to who he really is and assumed he's just another random guest lecturer.

While several people around the world shell out huge amounts of cash just to attend events of Jeff Bezos speaking on business and entrepreneurship, teenage students seem to be least interested and give him a pass, as they see life in a different perspective during that age.