Who is James McDougall? What's Fragile X Syndrome? Deceitful Sperm Donor Fathers 15 Children, Lesbian Couples Alerted

Derby Court has given a wake-up call to the lesbian women against James McDougall, a sperm donor suffering from Fragile X syndrome. The sperm donor has already fathered 15 children through social media advertising for sperm donation.

The Court came to know about McDougall's underlying condition when he applied to the court for access to four children that he had fathered. Therefore, his plea was rejected on the pretext of his "instable mental condition" which could pose a potential harm to the children.

In addition, the court also received a complaint from the mother of two with whom McDougall is engaged in legal battle for parenting/visiting rights stating that he had inappropriately touched her child. He was even arrested for physically assaulting the child.

James McDougall

Is James McDougall a Psychopath?

The social media followers are sharing the report so as to create awareness about McDougall and his evil designs. The ongoing buzz also points towards the fact that McDougall is mentally sick and a sadist who has purposely donated his sperms. He wanted more babies to be born with Fragile X syndrome, they added.

There is a possibility of McDougall being a psychopath as has been pointed out by a few social media users. Psychopaths in real life have a low IQ and low EQ added the followers.

However, a faction of social media followers has appreciated Mrs Justice Lieven for issuing a warning which is unusual but "right decision" which was made to stop women from responding McDougall's social media ads.

Fragile X syndrome is an inheritable condition causing low IQ, developmental delays and learning disabilities. None of the mothers knew about McDougall's condition as he had concealed the information from them.

According to a report published by Mail Online, Mrs. Justice Lieven, at Derby Court has ruled that MacDougall should not have parental responsibility for the children, because it would cause harm to them.

Going a step further, the judge also said MacDougall should be named to stop other women from using him as a sperm donor, the report stated.

A Twitter user while expressing his views wrote, "Seeking legal advice prior to donor conception/co-parenting agreements is important as this unusual case shows: a sperm donor, knew he suffered from Fragile X syndrome, an inheritable condition causing learning difficulties, but still fathered 15 children."

Another user shared, "Ladies please wake up and be aware..I love you all..."