Who Is James Maxwell Trump? Here's the Truth About the US President and Ghislaine's Love Child

James Maxwell Trump regularly posts about Trump on his Twitter account, the netizens have found it very funny

A viral birth certificate that is making rounds on social media, claiming US President Donald Trump fathering a love child with Ghislaine Maxwell, the madam of dead American sex offender Jeffery Epstein, is found to be fake.

The photoshopped birth certificate circulating in the microblogging site names the child as James Maxwell Trump. Maxwell, who went under hiding following the death of Epstein, was arrested from her hideout in New Hampshire, last week.

James Maxwell Trump Is an Imaginary Person

Donald Trump

Maxwell who was charged on various counts of aiding Epstein to sexually abuse minors was photographed quite frequently with prominent people including trump, former US President Bill Clinton, and sacked British royal Prince Andrew.

James maxwell Trump

According to Snopes, a Twitter user claiming to be James Maxwell Trump started a Twitter account soon after Maxwell's arrest. The user posted an image showing a birth certificate that claimed that he was the biological son of Maxwell and U.S. President Donald Trump. The certificate claims his birth on December 21, 1992.

However, the birth certificate was found to be forged and the original belonged to a person named Tara Ann Uzamere. The original photo is the first image that comes up when someone searches for New York Birth Certificate on Google.

Furthermore, one of the pictures claiming to be that of James is created by mashing up the faces of Trump and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The location mentioned by the user is in 'DJTJ's Head,' a reference to Donald J. Trump Jr, reported Snopes.

Twitter Finds Trump's Love Child

In a tweet posted recently, while commenting on the Fox News cropping out Trump from a photograph with Epstein and Maxwell, James Maxwell Trump wrote: "It's easy to crop a photo, but it's going to be much more difficult for @FoxNews to cut @realDonaldTrump out of a DNA test."

Despite Trump denying having a close bond with either Epstein or Maxwell, Twitter is flooded with their pictures clicked during various parties. "This person put up a birth certificate claiming to be James Maxwell Trump, the child of Trump and Jizz-laine Maxwell. It wouldn't surprise me if he'd ever raped her, since idk how he could ever ask for consent, but I think it's bull puckey," wrote one of the users.

"Someone calling himself 'James Maxwell Trump' has claimed to be the son of 'Donald J Trump'. It's a hoax but................ who in their right mind would pretend Donald Trump was his father?? Hitler maybe, Mussolini possibly, but Trump............NAH!!!," tweeted another.