Who is Helen Sharman? The British astrobiologist explains how invisible aliens could be living on earth already

Britain's first astronaut and a chemist at Imperial College London Helen Sharman recently revealed secrets related to life on earth

There are movies like Men in Black and series such as DC's Supergirl where people have seen shape-shifting aliens living on earth. But what if someone tells you that in reality the aliens do exist and it is possible that they are roaming on earth's surface?

While there are many definitions on the meaning of life, recently, Britain's first astronaut and a chemist at Imperial College, London stated that extraterrestrial life forms which are impossible to spot may be living on this earth.

British astrobiologist reveals the truth

Helen Sharman, Britain’s first astronaut.
Helen Sharman, Britain’s first astronaut Wikimedia commons

Helen Sharman is Britain's first astronaut and a chemist at Imperial College London. The astrobiologist recently revealed something which may sound quite weird to many science enthusiasts. As per the expert, she wonders the aliens which are roaming on earth, will have a shape like normal humans, made up of carbon and nitrogen.

Sharman said it is possible that these extraterrestrial beings are here right now but humans could not see them. She claimed that such life exists in a shadow biosphere, which is an undiscovered group of living things with biochemistry different from what we're used to. It should be noted that biologists gave proposed the existence of this biosphere.

Explaining the invisible alien life

Representational picture Pixabay

Sharman stated that if these aliens are living in a shadow biosphere then the scientists can't study or notice them because those life forms are outside of our comprehension and it would be microscopic.

Since there are some limitations related to the study of the microscopic world as only a small percentage of microbes can be analyzed in a lab. Which means there could be many lifeforms which humans are yet to discover.

It should be mentioned that a few years ago, scientists at Caltech had managed to breed a bacterial protein that created bonds with silicon. Even though silicon is inflexible compared with carbon, it could find ways to assemble into living organisms potentially, including carbon. When it comes to places like Saturn's moon Titan or planets orbiting other stars, scientists cannot overlook the possibility of silicon-based life.

Shadow biosphere

Even though it is a hypothetical biosphere, scientists believe that if a shadow biosphere were ever found, it would provide evidence that life isn't a once-in-a-universe statistical accident. But the problem is that most of the scientific methods are ill-equipped to discover a shadow biosphere, which could reveal secrets related life and universe.

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