Who is Goldy Brar? Canadian Gang Boss Involved in Murder of Indian Rapper Siddhu Moosewala

A Canadian gang boss is allegedly linked to the murder of Indian rapper Siddhu Moosewala. Goldy Brar aka Satinder Singh is reportedly behind the killing of Moosewala. The rapper was shot dead in his vehicle by unidentified assailants in Mansa, Punjab, a day after the state government withdrew his security. Brar has claimed responsibility for the attack in a Facebook post.

Eight assailants are believed to be involved in the attack. Police claimed that bullets were fired possibly from three AK-49 rifles, an assault weapon that is very difficult to acquire in any Indian state.

Goldy Brar aka Satinder Singh
Goldy Brar aka Satinder Singh claimed responsibility for Moosewala's murder Twitter

Goldy Brar is Wanted Criminal in India in Multiple Cases

Assailants came in a vehicle and police traced their number and found it to be fake. Police have also claimed that 30 rounds of bullets were fired at the singer.

Lawrence Bishnoi, a gangster and close associate of Goldy Brar, is believed to be involved in the attack. Bishnoi is currently lodged in Tihar jail.

A non-bailable arrest warrant was also issued against Brar earlier in May. The warrant was issued by a Faridabad court in connection with the killing of the district Youth Congress president, Gurlal Singh Pehalwan.

Brar Run an Extortion Racket

Brar, who is now living in Canada, hails from Punjab's Faridkot district. The gangster is believed to be operating in the state through a module in Punjab. His name is also linked to an extortion racket, which was overseen by Bishnoi.

Reports claimed that the incident is a case of rivalry and linked Moosewala's murder to the killing of Vicky Middukhera, former leader of Shiromani Akali Dal. Moosewala was murdered to avenge the killing of Middukhera.

"I, along with Sachin Bishnoi Dhattaranwali, Lawrence Bishnoi group, take responsibility for the killing of Sidhu Moose Wala. His name came up in connection with the murder of Vicky Middukhera and Gurlal Brar and despite this, the police did nothing," said the Facebook post, which is attributed to Brar.

This article was first published on May 30, 2022