Who is Ginger Luckey? Matt Gaetz Elopes and Marries Girlfriend Amid Ongoing Sex Trafficking Probe

Luckey's sister Roxanne had called Gaetz a "creep" and has often shared TikTok videos recounting stories about him.

U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz eloped to with his girlfriend Ginger Luckey to South California to get married on Saturday night. The 39-year-old Republican, who is under investigation as part of a sex-trafficking probe, announced his marriage with his girlfriend on his Twitter page.

He exclaimed "I love my wife!" along with a photo of them together. Gaetz wore a sport coat, while the stunning looking Luckey was in a white dress. Luckey, 26, is from Southern California and works for a company that focuses on extending the life of products made from plant-based materials. The couple had earlier announced that they would get married in August this year.

Gaetz and His Adventures

Matt Gaetz with Ginger Luckey
Matt Gaetz with Ginger Luckey Twitter

It seems Gaetz is unmoved by the scandal surrounding him. So he didn't mind eloping with his girlfriend and hastily wed in the presence of a small crowd. According to Vanity Fair, the ceremony was performed by Sergio Gor, a former staffer for Sen. Rand Paul, and was attended by 40 off people.

Luckey also announced their union by tweeting a photo from the ceremony captioned #GaetzGetsLuckey.

Gaetz' hasty wedding comes quite as a surprise given that he is under investigation as part of a probe that led to the arrest and plea of his aide and friend, Joel Greenburg, a former tax collector form Florida. In May, Greenburg pleaded guilty to six federal crimes, including sex trafficking a minor, identity theft, stalking, wire fraud and conspiracy to bribe a public official.

Although Gaetz' name wasn't mentioned in the plea, Greenburg cooperation could lead to a lot of trouble for Gaetz as he is alleged to have been into pay-for-sex relationship with the 17-year-old girl. Gaetz, however, has denied any wrongdoing.

Is Luckey Lucky?

More than Gaetz marrying despite being embroiled in a sex scandal, what's more surprising is Luckey marrying him despite knowing all these. Only a couple of months back, Luckey's sister Roxanne had called Gaetz a "creep". Roxanne has been critical of Gaetz and has often shared TikTok videos recounting stories about him.

In one, Roxanne alleged that Matt tried to set her up with an older friend when she was 19. "I saw the character and type of person he is, and when everything came out about him, I honestly, unfortunately, was not surprised," she said of the ongoing investigation.

However, it seems that hasn't impacted the Gaetz's affair with Luckey. According to the Daily Mail, Luckey met Gaetz at former president Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago club — the same location where Gaetz would propose — in Palm Beach, Florida in March 2020.

Trump threw a fundraiser at the time, and Luckey said her mother "dragged" her to the event. Although married now, Luckey is still a student at Harvard Business School Online, where she is studying sustainable business strategy, according to her LinkedIn profile. She previously studied economics and accounting at the University of Santa Barbara between 2012 and 2016 and is also a food analyst for a company named Apeel in Santa Barbara in California.

Her brother, Palmer Luckey, is a millionaire and has donated time and again at various Republican fundraisers. He is also the founder of virtual reality company Oculus VR and designer of the Oculus Rift.

That said, it is not known if Luckey will now move in with Gaetz given that she is based in California, while her husband is from Florida.