WHO is expecting Coronavirus cases in Malaysia to peak in mid-April

The coronavirus outbreak has created a major stir around the world and is currently spreading like wildfire

The number of the coronavirus or COVID-19 cases in Malaysia is expected to rise to its peak in mid-April, the World Health Organisation stated on Thursday, adding that there are signs of the curve of infection.

The WHO's head of the mission, Ying-Ru Loand also the representative to Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore stated to Reuters,"Based on available data, the WHO Country Office has projected that Malaysia will see a peak in hospitalized cases in mid-April."

Coronavirus crisis


The number of critically ill patients is estimated to reach the peak within the next week, she said. Malaysia has the highest number of infections in Southeast Asia with 2,908 confirmed cases.

The coronavirus outbreak has been described as a pandemic by the WHO and has spread to over 170 countries in the world infecting over 600,000 people globally. The scientists are working on to find a vaccine for the virus.

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