Who is Dreamy Dao? Arrested Thai OnlyFans Star Earned ฿100,000 Per Month, Police Subscribed to Her X-rated Content For Evidence

Thai OnlyFans star earning ฿100,000 per month arrested by police who subscribed to woman's X-rated photos and videos for evidence.

A trans woman has been arrested by police for creating and disseminating X-rated videos on OnlyFans in the northeasrern region of Khon Kaen on Tuesday. According to reports, the woman identified as Dreamy Dao was earning a whopping 100,000 baht per month by producing pornographic content and posting them on OnlyFans, the X-rated site used by influencers, celebrities and sex workers to make millions.

Khon Kaen police raided the woman's apartment and seized a large number of pornographic videos along with 17 other items such as equipment for filming and props used by the woman to create the explicit videos.

In order to collect evidence of the woman's pornographic activity, the police subscribed to Dreamy Dao's Twitter account before apprehending her A crime investigation unit discovered a Twitter page through which Dreamy Dao used to promote her X-rated content. After discovering the same, police went looking for her.

Dreamy Dao
Web Screen Grab from thethaiger

Who is Dreamy Dao?

Dreamy Dao is a trans woman aged 20. She is an OnlyFans content creator with 120,110 fans following her on Twitter alone. According to her Twitter Advertisements, Dreamy Dao gives access to her exclusive and hot photos and videos to users who subscribe to her OnlyFans account with a lifetime subscription fee of 590 Baht. According to the report published on an online news website, "Dreamy's content attracted 430 members in total. Dreamy Dao posted one pornographic clip every day."

Dreamy Dao was a student studying enrolled in a vocational college in Roi Et province. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, she wasn't studying on campus. She moved to Khon Kaen to find some friends and earn money. Dreamy Dao chose the X-rated site OnlyFans just like most other sex workers and influencers on OnlyFans to make an impressive income.

Police believe there are more people involved with Dreamy Dao in creating pornographic content and they said they will investigate the case further. However, the woman has claimed she doesn't have any partner.