Who is Christina Kelso? Anti-Masker Harasses California Patisserie Employee, Compares Wearing Masks to the Holocaust

Christina Kelso is a known far-right anti-mask, anti-vaxx activist who has previously been filmed harassing store employees for enforcing mask mandates.

A video of a far-right anti-masker harassing a California patisserie employee over the establishment's no-mask no-service policy and comparing it to being oppressed in Nazi Germany is being widely circulated on social media.

Christina Kelso filmed herself walking into Patisserie Angelica – a Parisian-style bakeshop in Sebastopol, California – claiming she was just trying to buy some croissants.

'This is Discrimination'

Christina Kelso
A still showing the employee at Patisserie Angelica (left) and Christina Kelso. Instagram

As soon as Kelso walks into the store, the employee greets her before asking her if she has a face mask. When Kelso refuses, the employee explains to her that she cannot serve her without a face covering.

"I'm sorry, we're not serving people without a mask," the employee politely says to Kelso, who responds by accusing the employee of discrimination.

The employee points out to Kelso that it's store policy.

"Well, is it a law? Should we call the sheriff and ask him to explain the law?" Kelso argues with the employee, adding that she is under no obligation to wear a mask.

Kelso Compares Wearing Masks to Shoving People in the Oven in Nazi Germany

At this point, the visibly anxious employee tells Kelso that she's just following her manager's orders, which Kelso likens to Nazi Germany.

Kelso says, "In Nazi Germany, when the manager told people to shove people in the oven, you would do that I guess?" I'm asking a real question. You have ovens, don't you?"

The stunned employee, who is seen wringing her hands through the glass display, remains silent as Kelso threatens to make a citizen's arrest. In the video's caption, Kelso urges her followers to boycott the patisserie, which she claims she has been a loyal customer of since 2004.

The video sparked outrage on social media with some netizens slamming Kelso over her entitled behavior while others expressed concern for the shaken employee and praised her for how she handled the situation.

"When all you know is privilege, every minor inconvenience seems like the holocaust," wrote popular TikTok user @thatdaneshguy, while another commented, "Wtf is wrong with these people? Social f*cking terrorists. This employee deserves a paid vacation on this woman's dime."

Who is Christina Kelso?

Kelso is a far-right anti-mask, anti-vaxx activist who was questioned by the FBI over her involvement in the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol and also has ties to a handful of indicted insurrectionists, as pointed out by Twitter user @inminivanhell.

She regularly posts videos of herself confronting store employees over the mask mandate on her Instagram account. In February, she posted a video of herself arguing with store employees who asked her to put on a mask, claiming she had a medical condition that exempts her from wearing a face covering of any kind.

In August, she threw an anti-mask tantrum at a Safeway before being thrown out by security.