Who is Buffalo Shooter?Self-Confessed Neo Nazi Was Inspired By White Replacement Theory

The gunman who shot 10 dead at Buffalo supermarket had released a 106-page manifesto stressing that he was inspired by a conspiracy theory that white people are being replaced by other races. He emphasized that white people need to increase birth rates.

In the documents, the shooter revealed that if there's one thing "I want you to get from these writing, it's that white birth rates must change. Every day the white population becomes fewer in number," according to BNO News. The shooter described himself as a white supremacist and anti-semite.

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Buffalo Shooter Inspired By White Replacement Theory

He claimed that to maintain a population, the people must achieve a birth rate that reaches replacement fertility levels, in the western world that is about 2.06 births per woman, according to the documents uploaded by the shooter.

Buffalo Shooter
Buffalo Shooter Twitter

Democrats claim that the white replacement theory was promoted by former president Donald Trump and people and organizations who supported him such as Fox News, Tucker Carlson, and others.

The shooter also claimed that he chose the Buffalo neighborhood as the zip code that had the highest Black population in the area.

The suspect wants Blacks to leave the US and return to their home countries.

He says that he chose the location because that zip code had the highest Black population. He wants Black people to return to their home countries.

Buffalo Shooter
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Buffalo Shooter Encouraged By Brenton Tarrant's Manifesto

The shooter, who claims to be 18-yearsmold, has revealed that he was radicalized online on 4chan. He also claimed Brenton Tarrant's manifesto and the live-streamed mass shooting in New Zealand inspired him.

Buffalo shooting
Buffalo shooting Twitter

The gunman self identifies as a white supremacist fascist with Neo-Nazi beliefs who is anti "high fertility immigrants" under the white replacement theory, revealed J J MacNab, a researcher at George Washington University program on extremism, who studied the documents, according to Raw Story.

In 2021, the anti-defamation league had demanded Fox News fire Tucker Carlson for promoting the white replacement theory.

Buffalo Shooting
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Buffalo Shooter's Name Still Not Revealed

Meanwhile, some activists have claimed that officials are not revealing the gunman's name because he is white.

Tariq Nasheed, the writer of 'Foundational Black American Race Baiter', said that law enforcement is withholding the name of the white supremacist terrorist who commuted the anti-Black mass shooting today. "This is so they can scrub his social media and removed any connections the killer may have to law enforcement."

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