Who is Bryan Anthony Rhoden? 23-Yr-Old Man Charged in Killing of Pro Golfer Gene Siller and 2 Others

Police believe that Siller, the director of the golf club, was likely shot and killed because he stumbled on and "witnessed an active crime taking place."

Police have arrested a man suspected of killing three people, including golf pro Gene Siller last weekend at Pinetree Country Club golf course in Georgia. Bryan Anthony Rhoden, 23, was arrested on Thursday for allegedly killing Siller and for murdering two others whose bodies he had stashed in the pickup truck.

Rhoden was arrested in Dekalb County — more than 25 miles away from where the bodies were found, according to Cobb County Police Chief Tim Cox. He is believed to be the lone shooter and is being questioned by investigators.

Arrested at Last

Bryan Anthony Rhoden
Bryan Anthony Rhoden DeKalb County Sheriff's Department

Rhoden, who has ties to the Atlanta-are, was described by Cox as the "lone shooter" in the murders that took place last week. He has been was charged with three counts of murder, three counts of aggravated assault and two counts of kidnapping.

Rhoden's arrest comes five days after he fatally shot pro golfer Siller, 46, in the head when he approached a white Dodge Ram 3500 that drove onto the green and near the course's 10th hole. When cops were informed, they reached the scene to find the gunman's abandoned pickup truck.

While searching the pickup truck, they found two other bodies, one believed to be that of the owner of the vehicle. Paul Pierson, 76, the owner of the pickup truck, and Henry Valdez, 46, had both been shot to death and left in the bed of the truck, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

Eugene Siller
Eugene Siller YouTube Grab

Police now believe that Siller, the director of the golf club, was likely shot and killed because he stumbled on and "witnessed an active crime taking place."

Gruesome Murders

It is not known what was the real motive behind the murders of the Pierson and Valdez and investigation is still on. However, Siller may have had seen the two being murdered and was killed as a result of that by Rhodes.

"We literally had detectives that have worked around the clock and some have literally slept in their offices since July 3rd trying to clear this case," Cox said.

Eugene Siller with wife and children
Eugene Siller with wife and children GoFundMe

Rhoden was arrested by U.S. Marshalls Service's Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force, WAGA-TVreported.

According to police, Siller, a father of two, was not playing but walking toward the 10th hole after he was told that a pickup truck was approaching the green. Police on reaching the scene found his body on the green close to the vehicle when police arrived on the scene.

Police also confirmed that Pierson and Valdez were from out-of-state and had no known links to the area or the country club, according to police. The truck driven by Rhoden was registered to Pierson. It is not clear if Pierson and Valdez knew each other. Pierson is believed to have been in Atlanta for business, according to family friends.