Who is Beverley Dean? 54-Year-Old Woman Masturbates, Exposes Breasts in Front of Shocked Workers; Stash of Sex Toys, Lube Found in Handbag

Beverley Dean, a 54-year-old woman who was caught masturbating in front of her shocked public, was carrying a hoard of sex toys in her handbag. A partially naked Dean was also seen using her phone's camera and appeared to be recording herself.

Beverley Dean
Beverley Dean Twitter/Metro

Dean Exposed Herself to the Onlookers

The Metro reported the incident took place around 3.30 pm in Waitrose, Northwich, Cheshire, in February this year. Dean was seen pleasuring herself on a bench by a group of workers who caught the act through their office window.

The outlet further claimed that Dean broke down during her hearing while admitting to outraging public decency. Detailing the shocking act, prosecutor Shannen Carey revealed that Dean was seen to put her fingers in her mouth and then proceed to put them between her legs. "She appeared to be masturbating. She had her mobile phone in her right hand and appeared to be filming herself or taking photos of herself performing the act," Carey said.

Revealing that Dean also exposed her breasts to the onlookers, the prosecutor continued, "She stopped to smoke a cigarette and then continued to suck on her fingers and placed them between her legs. After she did this she stood up from the bench and both breasts were exposed. Her blouse was unbuttoned and her coat was hanging off her shoulders."

Sex Toys, Lubes Found in Dean's Bag

The shocked onlookers called the police who found a stash of sex toys and lubricant in Dean's handbag. "Her property was searched and an assortment of sex toys and lubricants were found in the defendant's bag," Carey revealed.

Seeking leniency, Dean's defence solicitor Shane O'Neill urged that her first crime should be awarded with probation service. "We need to know what is happening within her life as she is getting to an age and committing this offence. There was some suggestion that she was filming herself. But when the police took her phone there was nothing on it," O'Neill was quoted by the outlet.

"The officer looked at it and said there was nothing recorded on it. There was no room for any children to go past. We are not disputing that children may have been in the area but what she said is that there weren't any children in the area. She accepts responsibility for what she did," added the defence solicitor.