Who is 'Baksa'? Identity of the main suspect in Telegram Nth Room sex scandal revealed [VIDEO]

Identity of Baksa the main suspect in Telegram Nth Room sex trafficking scandal has been revealed by the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, as promised, here are the details

As per demands of millions of people, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency has released the picture and identity of the main suspect, Baksa, in the Telegram Nth Room sex trafficking scandal that shook South Korea.

The name of the main suspect who is known as Baksa is Jo Joo Bin who is 25 years old. Joo Bin is said to have graduated from college in 2018. He was majoring in Information and Communications. Reports also claimed that Joo Bin was good in academics and won awards in writing including first place in school's report contest. Reports also claimed that the accused Joo Bin was the editor of school newspaper and his editorials were quite popular. He is even known to have won a number of scholarships.

Joo Bin accused of sexually harassing women

Jo Joo Bin Nth Room scandal suspect
Jo Joo Bin aka Baksa SBS video screengrab

A report in AllKpop stated that despite good grades and winning scholarships, Joo Bin always had trouble with his professors. He was a trouble, they are said to have told. Cops suspect that Joo Bin started the Nth Room (sex trafficking chat room) in 2018.

He is accused of sexually harassing women, including minors by blackmailing them with their personal details and asking them to post sexual videos of them. Most videos are said to be gruesome and violent in nature. He is accused of harassing at least 74 women including 16 minors.

How did the chatroom work?

It was a paid chatroom in the encrypted app Telegram where users can demand any act from the girls and Baksa along with his associates got it done by threatening the girls. According to Kpopstarz, Baksa is said to be sending messages to girls on Twitter.

He would ask them to click a link to find out of their personal pictures are being circulated online. The link when clicked would lead to a bogus Twitter account. Here they would be asked to fill in their personal details and pictures to ensure safety and privacy of the information. Many had entered the details thinking it will make their Twitter account safer. But when entered, these details were used by Baksa to threaten the girls and get their video uploaded. The videos are said to be sold to at least 260,000 men so far.

Earlier, following the signing of petition by more than 2.2 million people to make the identity of suspects in Nth Room scandal public, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency had announced that it will reveal the identity of suspects in the scandal. Identity of Baksa is the first to be revealed. Cops are in search of another man who goes by the name 'God God.'