Who is Amanda Marie Keshner ? Mental Health Influencer Goes on Homophobic Racial Rant Against Black Employee, Says 'Fag' Not an Offensive Term

Amanda Marie Keshner, a self-proclaimed social media influencer, faced backlash after she posted a video of her racial rant against a black Home Depot employee. Following the backlash Marie removed the offensive video from her official social media channels.

Amanda Marie Keshner
Amanda Marie Keshner Twitter

Influencer Tells Employee to Go Back to His Country

Amanda who describes herself as an influencer" and "traveler" with the handle @artvangrowllc on TikTok, posted the rant on her social media handles. The video starts with her chasing two Home Depot employees, one of whom is a black man. "And then people wonder why we have a problem with the male race. Grown ass employees in customer faces calling me a cunt," read the caption. She even posted the names of the employees stating that she hopes to have them fired.

The black employee is seen repeatedly asking Amanda to leave the premises and get out of the store as she goes on to argue about spending thousands of dollars on the store's products. "Fire-duh, fire-duh, fire-duh," she says repeatedly.

Later, sitting in her car, the self-proclaimed influencer goes on her rant, "I said, 'I'm not leaving.' ... I then turned around and said, 'If you're going to be rude, go back to your country. Go back to your country!' 'Cause he wasn't from here."

"So I turn around, and I say, 'Go back to your motherfucking country and learn some fucking manners before you come here,'" she said.

Hinting at the possibility of using a homophobic term during her clash with the store's employees, Amanda said, "Back in New York, the word 'fag' is not really offensive."

Social Media Reacts

The viral video generated a lot of attention on the social media platforms. "FYI - Amanda Marie with Art Van Grow has shown in this Home Depot video that she's not qualified to offer psychedelic services to anyone. Pls avoid anyone who claims to be building "conscious community" and then treats people the way she did in her Home Depot post," tweeted a user.

"Amanda Marie keshner....doesn't sound very native American to me! So which country is she & hers from????? Don't you just love it when ignorant people are hoisted by their own ignorance? So she spends $1000s in home depot EVERY DAY? SAD SAD DONNA MARIE KESNER," read another tweet.

"@real_lustavenue So you have a spokeswoman named Amanda Marie Keshner who used a racial and homophobic slur against 2 Home Depot employees. Is this the kind of person you want representing you? Just curious," expressed a user.