Who is Aaron Daniel Motta? Florida Police Arrest Cybersecurity Expert Who Stole $576,000 Cryptos From Client's Hardware Wallet

Cybersecurity Expert Who Stole $576,000 Cryptos From Client's Hardware Wallet Arrested by Florida Police

A young cybersecurity expert who allegedly stole cryptocurrencies from the client's hardware wallet has been arrested by police in Florida. According to reports, Aaron Daniel Mottak promised to set up a security system for his client when he took the opportunity to transfer assets worth a whopping $576,000 in crypto from the client to his own wallet.

Pinellas County Sheriff's Office online booking records reveal that Daniel Mottak, 27, of Pinellas Park, has been charged with grand theft and offenses against computer users. Reports suggest that the accused attempted the digital currency theft while assuring the client that he would improve the security. But instead he stole the Trezor wallet from the man's house.

Police learned that the accused also got the wallet password to the device in the same area. The victim is older than 65, according to the affidavit as reported by Kiro7.

Aaron Daniel Motta
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The fraudulent transaction took place from the man's wallet to Motta's private wallet.

Who is Aaron Daniel Motta?

According to reports, linkedIn profile of Motta states that he is an ethical hacker and cybersecurity analyst by profession under Motta management and mitigation services. The profile further says that Motta is a graduate from St. Petersburg College.

The police have arrested him on charges of grand theft and offenses against computer users. However, he was released on Saturday for a $60,000 bail payment, according to records.

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