Where Is Ruby Rose? Australian Actress Mysteriously Disappears on Birthday after Leaving Cryptic Instagram Post as Concerns Grow Among Fans

Rose did not explain why she does not celebrate her birthday in her cryptic post, which she promptly erased.

Australian actress Ruby Rose has sparked concerns after she unexpectedly disappeared from social media on the eve of her birthday after leaving a cryptic post about how it is "nothing to celebrate". Rose, who will turn 37 on Monday, announced on Sunday afternoon in an Instagram Story that she was logging out of her social media accounts until Tuesday.

The Australian actress has since deleted the message. However, she explained why there was nothing to celebrate about her birthday. Her sudden decision to post such a message and then delete it after a few minutes has left her fans confused and concerned about her well-being.

Cryptic Message Before Birthday

Ruby Rose
Ruby Rose Twitter

Rose did not explain why she does not celebrate her birthday in her cryptic post, which she promptly erased. "Logging off until the 21st. If you have followed me for long enough you know I don't acknowledge tomorrow," she wrote.

"I don't celebrate that day... That day has never been a celebration. Some have tried but it was never a celebration at the time, and nor is it now."

Ruby Rose
The cryptic message posted by Ruby Rose on Instagram before mysteriously disappearing on her birthday Twitter

"So please leave it for me this year," she concluded. The Pitch Perfect 3 actress didn't elaborate on why she doesn't acknowledge the day.

It is not that the Orange Is the New Black star never celebrated her birthday earlier. Rose used to host birthday celebrations with friends and family, but it's unclear why she stopped doing so now.

In 2019, she celebrated her birthday early with a group of friends that included the You actress Elisabeth Lail and her old Batwoman co-star Rachel Skarsten.

Lail was seen wearing a T-shirt that read 'Happy Birthday, Ruby', while Rose sported a shirt that read, "It's my f**king birthday."

Ruby Rose
Ruby Rose Twitter

The group sang along to classic pop tunes while dancing in Rose's kitchen while indulging in cake and junk food.

"My friends are the best," she had said at the time.

In 2017, the former MTV Australia anchor was serenaded on stage by her then-girlfriend Jessica Origliasso as a surprise birthday tribute.

Rose was also given roses before the crowd sung Happy Birthday at Atlanta's Eddie's Attic, a live music venue.

However, Rose does not appear to have celebrated her birthday since 2020. She was replaced in the CW series Batwoman the day after her birthday in 2021.

Her former character Kate Kane was replaced by British actress Wallis Day.

Trouble in Recent Years

Rose made public her intentions to write a tell-all memoir detailing her conflict with The Veronicas for the first time last month. In fact, the long-running dispute between Rose and the pop twins Lisa and Jessica Origliasso seems destined to continue with the publication of the actress' latest book.

Ruby Rose
Ruby Rose with her Batwoman co-star Elizabeth Lail during her 2019 birthday celebrations Instagram

From 2016 to 2018, during which time the Pitch Perfect actor dated Jessica, the sisters' relationship deteriorated to the point that estrangement seemed imminent.

As the couple separated, the Origliassos repaired their relationship while publicly criticizing Rose in a number of statements.

On February 7, Ruby claimed that she had begun writing her book. She also pledged to expose the two, whom she referred to as "the sisters" but did not identify, for "how horrific " they allegedly were to her.

Rose hinted about writing "the truth" in a string of cryptic comments on her Instagram stories in February, adding, "It will p*** a lot of people off."

Then, in her message, she made reference to "the sisters" (Jess and Lisa).

"But maybe you should have been better? Excited to be free. Excited to tell the truth," she wrote on February 7.

Ruby clarified on Nova FM's Fitzy and Wippa it would not be a "revenge book," but she instead hoped to inspire others.

'I want it to be more of a inspiring book, as opposed to, you know, it's not a revenge book, and it's not a gossip book,' she said.

Ruby Rose
Ruby Rose Twitter

"It's definitely not a book I should be writing without my therapist.

"But the other parts are more about other things that have been said about, you know, when I broke my neck and I was almost paraplegic, and getting controversy for things that didn't happen, because that's just how Hollywood can be.

"There's a lot that I've stayed silent on because I was already at a place where I didn't want to be adding flame to the fire. I think that everyone was going to keep doubling down on these things because I was silent. You know, it's like if you ignore the bullies... I got taken advantage of because people knew my hands were sort of tied in that I don't want to create more of a fuss of a situation."

Rose and The Veronicas' conflict came to light after Jessica ended their on-again, off-again romance in 2018. The two women had a brief relationship in 2008 that ended two years later before rekindling their romance in 2016.