When Ric Flair turned down WWE's offer to work with Macho Man Randy Savage

Flair has opened up on the offer that he received from WWE when he was in his prime form at WCW. The Nature Boy has claimed that he had rejected the opportunity to clash with Macho Man Randy Savage at SummerSlam in 1988.

The 71-year old has said revealed that the procedure of signing contracts did not exist then. "[WWE] wanted me to come in '88 to wrestle Savage at SummerSlam. And I said, 'no', and we didn't have contracts back then. I just had a deposit on the belt and I was with Arn [Anderson] and Tully [Blanchard] and Barry [Windham] and we were selling out everywhere and I was happy. It was never about not going up there [to WWE] and having fun," WWE Inc quotes him as saying on Talk is Jericho, by Christ Jericho.

Ric Flair
Ric Flair. PR Handout

Explaining why The Dirtiest Player in the Game decided to turn down the offer, Ric Flair claimed, "A lot of guys that I was friends with were there. I just couldn't bring myself to leave that circle of friends that I was with. And then, we had talks again and that didn't do anything, so when I quit, I just called them and I said, 'I'm here and by the way, I've got the belt.' I tried to give it back. [WCW] said they wouldn't take it. That's the truth." He recalls, "I said, 'take it' and he said, 'shove it up your ass,'"

After a fallout with Jim Herd, president of WCW, over issues related to pay, the Nature Boy entered WWE. He was repeatedly having matches against legends like Hulk Hogan and Rowdy Roddy Piper.

Later, Ric Flair had a clash against Macho Man at WrestleMania VIII for the WWE Championship. They together had an interesting storyline.