What's brewing at Starbucks: Coffee giant likely to update dress code of baristas

Starbucks employees will look different from what they have looked so far. The iconic coffee maker and coffee chain is updating its dress code, which definitely will not only bring a smile on the faces of its customers but also its employees.

Starbucks reportedly has already sent an updated version of its dress code to its employees across quite a few stores in the United States. Starbucks last changed it dress code more than a decade back in 2006.

What's new?

Starbucks Pixabay

Although the coffee giant hasn't confirmed anything, according to Business Insider, there will be small alterations in the dress code that was last overhauled in 2006.

The coffee chain won't be making too many changes but reportedly will now allow its employees to sport dark jeans and also allow them to dye their hair in any color.

Understandably, Starbucks is trying out a range of things to impresses it customers and attract more footfall lately. The update in dress code is an addition in this respect.

One of the most noteworthy updates is that Starbucks employees will now be able to wear facial piercings. Employees so long were barred from wearing facial piercing to work. However, there's a restriction on this.

Employees can now wear one piercing to work, not larger than the size of a dime. Employees so long had been allowed to wear a small nose stud but could not wear nose septum or rings.

Starbucks trying to make a difference

Starbuck Coffee Potter Building New York Pixabay

This update in dress code is definitely going to make its employees happy. Starbucks has been trying to do a lot of things lately, both in terms of reinventing its brand as well as making its customers feel at ease whenever they visit their stores.

Earlier in November, the company opened its first Starbucks Pickup Store in New York City's Penn Plaza. The pickup store has been specially designed to cater to orders of Starbucks' on-the-go customers. The decision to open the store was in a move to address its patronised customers' convenience in delivery.

A couple of weeks back, the coffee giant also opened its largest Roastery in Chicago Magnificent Mile neighborhood, making it its sixth roastery.