What is the situation in Chinese hospitals amid Coronavirus epidemic? Videos on social media reveal

A study suggests several methods to try and understand the spread of the virus

People have been in a state of panic because of the coronavirus. Twitter videos suggest probable situations happening in the country and several continue to argue that everyone is shrouded in mystery during the situation.

A recent study found that 41 percent of the 138 infected patients from Wuhan was diagnosed in one hospital, which means that the initial infections that happened were spread within the hospital to the other patients. This revelation has many points to it as Twitter and other social media accounts are posting horrendous pictures of the situation in several hospitals across China.

The transmission called the nosocomial transmission, which means that the disease was caught in the hospital. This means that the novel coronavirus was not just a super-spreader event.

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High risks for health care workers

A study published in JAMA is saying that the spread is more serious than before. The infection poses a serious threat to the health care workers and people who are helping the needy. There is a requirement for more information regarding the new coronavirus. The study suggests that the virus might not be possible to contain the virus just like a common cold or influenza.

There are several ways suggested in helping stop the spread of the virus in such a high percentage. The prevention mechanism of quarantine and wearing masks while in a public place are all the basic steps that are being continuously being advised to the people. Even people who are mildly sick should keep a check on themselves.

The government is taking harsh measures to ensure that the spread of the disease is less. A video was posted that showed a woman being arrested in China for not wearing a mask. There are provinces in China that are not getting an adequate supply of the required prevention methods suggested by the government.

The hospitals are also adopting several methods themselves. A Twitter video about the virus killing a robot that is being appointed to disinfect the hospitals is also making the rounds.

Condition in the hospitals

The condition inside the hospitals is quite widely covered by the media. There are leaked footages showing the waiting line and dead bodies inside the hospitals. Patients were only trying to get into certain hospitals and not getting themselves checked in any other hospitals because of the inequality in the kind of services provided in the hospitals.

In China, people believe in hospitals with the highest merits given by the government. This has caused several not being diagnosed at the right time. Some leaked footages showed dead bodies surrounding the hospitals as people wait to be treated.

Fang Bin the man who shot the video of the dead corpses in the hospital was arrested and later released. Several had gone undercover to show people the actual situation in the country. There is an active quarantine in place and people are being evacuated from their homes to be treated. Some videos show that they are forced into quarantine while other videos show that they are being locked up inside their own homes.

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