What Is `Red Virus?' Taiwan's Online Game Links Xi Jinping with Coronavirus, WHO Head as Antagonist

The developer of the game visualizes Director-General of WHO as one of the villains and said the purpose of the game is to warn the world

As the world continues to battle against the novel Coronavirus, several countries, politicians, and healthcare experts believe that China Communist Party (CCP) is the culprit that let the virus outbreak in Wuhan turn into a global pandemic. Now a game is developed by a Taiwan company that visualizes the face of Xi Jinping as the Coronavirus.

Called Red Virus, the game also portrays Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang, spokeswoman Hua Chunying and the Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) Tedros Adhanom as villains.

The Coronavirus Game

Red Virus Game YouTube grab

Leonard H., the independent game developer, who posted the videos of the game on YouTube explained that the purpose of the game is to warn people about the deadly Coronavirus and China's influence, as well as CCP's motive to control the entire world.

While posting the official trailer of the game on YouTube, the developer added a note in the description that says, "A message to the world - We must unite together to exterminate the RED from this planet. They are the biggest global threat of the 21st century. #RedVirus #FightForFreedom." The YouTube trailer of the video showed flags belonging to EU, Australia, Japan, the U.S., Canada, Taiwan, India, and Russia.

To win this game, which is possible if the world is saved from the Red Virus, the players have to team up to get into "NMSLand," which implies China. The players have to shoot the flying virus to protect themselves from infection and find the cure for the Red Virus in NMSland. The finding of the cure is the challenge and if successful, they will win the game.

While giving a description of the game, on the website, the developer wrote, "The way of life can be free and beautiful, but we have lost the way since 2020. Pick up your guns and ammos. Let us all unite and fight for a free world - a decent world without the 'red virus'"

The description added a scenario of the post-apocalyptic world, where men are enslaved by "the king of the virus, liberty has perished." It says, during that time the world suffered from "billions of red viruses" and "the rivers have turned blood red."

"Gather your guns and ammos, unite heroes from different countries, and stand up against the virus - Fight for Humanity. Infiltrate NMSland and find the king of the virus, exterminate it and save the world," it added.

Other Pandemic Games

Earlier pandemic themed two games suddenly became very popular after the virus hit the world -- Plague Inc and Coronavirus Attack. Chinese authorities removed the highly popular pandemic simulator Plague Inc from App Store, and then they blocked the Coronavirus Attack on Stem in the country due to its politically motivated content.

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