What makes Canadian midfielder Jeff Addai the Coaches' Favorite Player

Jeff Addai

It takes exceptional sportsmanship for any sportsperson to be a coach's pet player. Coaches in every sport do not shy away from praising the outstanding team players. Genuine appreciation not only motivates the hard-working athletes, but it also inspires other team members to put their best foot forward. Canadian midfielder Jeff Addai has always been spoken highly of by his coaches. Be it his former coach Michael Nsien (Tulsa Roughnecks FC), or head coach Christian Sund (VPS), Addai's coaches have always reposed faith in the Ottawa-born player's abilities.

As per Head coach Christian Sund, "Addai is a holistic player." The VPS pilot stated, "Jeff is not only a physical player who is good at disposals. He's also good with the ball. Addai can play well up and knows how to balance the game. He reads situations and helps the defensive line. We get an experienced player who wants to move forward in his career and is willing to work on it."

Sund predicts a significant role for Addai. He reveals, "Jeff is open, and it is good to talk to him. He asks a lot of questions about the game and guides the players well. He's an important player for us."

When Jeff Addai was leading Tulsa Roughnecks, his former coach Nsien had gone on record to compliment Addai and Roughnecks' defender Cyprian Hedrick. "I've built a lot of trust with them, and I feel like they're a real extension of me while they're on the field. They have my trust to lead the team and help us organize and be more effective," coach Nsien was quoted. "I think right away, they jumped out as two personalities that have garnered not only the respect from their teammates but from me," he added.

Addai signed a long term contract with the Finnish Ykkönen club VaasanPalloseura (VPS) in early 2020, after playing the 2019 season as Vice-Captain, Tulsa Roughnecks.

This article was first published on October 23, 2020