What is Berghain Club? Was Elon Musk Denied Entry Into Super Exclusive Berlin Nightclub Known For Sex Rooms and Bondage Dancers?

Tesla CEO Elon Musk was recently denied entry into a famous Berlin club Berghain. He got rejected from the super exclusive club but Musk maintained that he refused to enter because someone had written "peace" on the wall.

He took to Twitter saying, "They wrote PEACE on the wall at Berghain! I refused to enter."

Elon Musk and Berghain club

People who have frequently visited Berghain have revealed that the club doesn't care about how much money do the people have or how famous the person is.

Why Entry to Berghain Club is Tough

According to Futurism, the club's bouncers look for outfits, aesthetics and vibes. In a world where, as one YouTuber described it, "You can be anyone you want," privacy is of utmost importance. No phones or cameras are allowed but there are plenty of folks walking around on dog leashes and celebrities asking to be urinated on.

There is no clear input on why Musk wanted to go into Berghain. Some have stated that he would have gone to the club after a full day's heavy work at new German Tesla Gigafactory.

Berghain nightclub is known to be very exclusive and people do not get entry easily in the club. It is also believed to be the one of most difficult-to-enter clubs in the world.

Berghain nightclub
People waiting outside Berghain nightclub in Berlin for their turn to enter Twitter

The place is an extremely renowned and popular destination to dance, listen to electronic music and enjoy.

Why Berghain Nightclub is Popular?

The Berlin club provides different kinds of services as it has sex rooms, bondage dancers and many other facilities.

The club is located in the former East Berlin power station and its door policies are famous as bouncers don't allow many to get in. It is famous for its sex and drug parties that run from Friday night to Monday afternoon. People wait hours in line outside the club to get in. The club also has special dark rooms for people to have explicit sex.

On the main dance floor of the club, male and female performers — naked apart from the odd slice of bondage leather — dangle in cages attached to the ceiling or gyrate on podiums, according to The Sun.

Netizens Say Berghain's Refused Entry to Musk

Since Musk tweeted that he did not enter the club, social media users are speculating that he would have been barred by the bouncers from entering the club.

"Tell me you didn't make it into Berghain without telling me you didn't make it into Berghain," a Twitter user said. While some have speculated that Musk was drunk while tweeting about his entry to the club.

"Elon Musk apparently drunk tweeting about being refused entry to Berghain is very funny," wrote another user.

It came as Musk, on March 28, had revealed that he contracted COVID-19 but he had no symptoms.

"Covid-19 is the virus of Theseus. How many gene changes before it's not Covid-19 anymore? I supposedly have it again (sigh), but almost no symptoms," he had tweeted on March 28.