What Are X-22 Missiles? Russian Bombers Launch Fresh Long-Range Missile Attack Against Ukraine As Kyiv Recaptures Large Part of Kharkiv

Russian bombers launched long-range X-22 missiles against Ukraine as the latter has recaptured a large part of Kharkiv. Tu-22 M3 long-range bombers flew towards Ukraine and attacked the southern regions from the area of ​​Cape Tarkhankut.

Yurii Ihnat, the spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force, confirmed the missile attack stating that Russian aircraft have been active.

X-22 Missiles
X-22 Missiles Twitter

Tu-22 Bombers Hit Ukraine With X-22 Missiles

He underlined that Tu-22 M3 long-range bombers, which first struck from the north of the country, apparently with X-22 missiles, then flew to the area of ​​the occupied peninsula and reportedly attacked the southern regions of our country from the area of ​​Cape Tarkhankut.

X-22 Missiles
X-22 Missiles Twitter

Ukraine Doesn't Have Any Aircraft To Counter Tu-22 Bombers

Explosions were also heard in the area but more details are awaited, according to the Ukrainian officials.

"Unfortunately, we do not yet have the means to get our hands on these aircraft [long-range Russian bombers - ed.], but I am convinced that we will. And then we will breathe a little easier," said Ihnat, according to Ukrainian Pravda.

What Is Х-22 Missile?

The Х-22 is a long-range anti-ship missile. The large weapon was developed in the Soviet era and was developed by MKB Raduga. The missile was designed to be used against carriers, destroyers, and naval battle groups with a conventional or nuclear warhead.

The missile attack came as Kyiv forces are recapturing most of the occupied areas. A large part of the Kherson region is now back under the control of Ukrainians.

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleh Nikolenko Ukrainian troops are advancing in eastern Ukraine, liberating more cities and villages.

"Their courage coupled with Western military support brings astonishing results. It's crucial to keep sending arms to Ukraine. Defeating Russia on the battlefield means winning the peace in Ukraine," he said according to The Moscow Times.

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