What is 'AS' or 'Adult Swim'? All you Need To Know About Viral TikTok Trend

Tiktok trends keep changing in a blink of an eye and for those who are unaware, the latest Tiktok trend that has been going viral on the app is "AS" or " Adult Swim on the popular video platform.

Well, it's super easy to lose track of time when you are using the app and the "Adult Swim" trend is definitely one of those trends that can keep you busy. The latest trend on Tiktok is hitting a nostalgic nerve for those who love cartoons.

What is "Adult Swim" on TikTok?

Well, if you are wondering what the most recent viral trend "AS" is about, then you must know it is not about "swimming with adults." AS is Cartoon Network's late-night programming that focuses on teen- and adult-friendly content with classics such as - Family Guy, Squidbillies, Cowboy Bepop, King Of The Hill, and Robot Chicken.

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Nee TikTok Trend: Adult Swim Web Screen Grab

Adult Swim's programming block period focuses on short video clips called bumpers or bumps between commercial breaks and TV shows. The Bumps are meant to give out a signal to viewers that the program is all set to start once again. Cartoon Network's AS content usually runs from 8 P.M. to 6 A.M.).

Initially, during the AS content flow, short clips featured pools and a lifeguard shouting, "All kids out of the pool!" or elderly people swimming around reflected the name, Adult Swim.

Later, more creativity was shown in developing the AS Content, and sometimes it was absurd. However, for the most part in the clips, the bumpers included the iconic "AS logo", stylized as [adult swim] or [as].

And this Adult Swim TikTok trend is now creating a huge buzz among users who are making their own bumper or bumps. AS bumps are getting a breath of fresh air through TikTok, with users generating their own quirky content with quick clips, mostly with the audio that features a remix of "Time Moves Slow," by BADBADNOTGOOD, probably created by a user VANO 3000. This new sound is exactly the type of music that used to play during the Adult Swim bumps on Cartoon Network.

TikTok has countless videos that cover a massive range of topics, the best part is that you even get the ones you're not looking for.

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