Whales Buy HEX Worth $1.2 Million in 24-Hours; Is Price Doubling on the Cards?

HEX is arguably the only crypto that is doubling in price every 48 days since its inception on December 9, 2019. The coin has so far doubled 13 times up until October 2021 and reached new all time highs almost every month and a half.

On Wednesday, a mysterious and unidentified whale purchased 12 million HEX worth a staggering $3 million when the price dipped -12% in the days trade and made good use of the plunge to add more coins into his/her portfolio.

Hex Coin Cryptocurrency
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Since then, whales have started circulating around HEX and in just a span of 24 hours, four different whales picked up coins worth $1.2 million and the price shot up close to 8% in the day's trade.

On Thursday, 'whale no 1' purchased 634,851 HEX coins worth $250,000 on Uniswap and hours later on Friday, 'whale no 2' picked up 539,436 HEX coins worth a $200,000 on Uniswap.

'Whale no 3' picked up a staggering 874,724 HEX coins worth $336,998 from Uniswap and 'whale no 4' brought the highest share ever during the days trade by picking up 1,106,203 HEX worth $410,570 on Uniswap.

The four whales put together purchased a total of 3.1 million HEX (Three million, one hundred and fifty-five thousand, two hundred and fourteen) for the amount of $11,97,568 (One million, one hundred and ninety-seven thousand, five hundred and sixty-eight dollars).

The whale dominance indicates that HEX could face another 'doubling in price' in the coming weeks and whales are taking early entry position before it doubles in price and book profits.

The last time HEX doubled in price was from $0.24 (July 21) to $0.48 (September 10) and it occurred approximately 48 days in time and the next 48 days is scheduled on October 28.

HEX Coin Chart doubles in price 48days
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However, we will have to wait and watch if it doubles in price this time or not. If it does, it would be consecutive and straight 14 times 'price double' in less than two years.

HEX had breached the 1 Cent mark on February 26, 2021 and had reached an all time high of $0.51 during the first week of September. Early investors reaped all the rewards HEX had to offer and many of them turned millionaires in less than two years.

At the time of publishing, HEX was trading at $0.37 and is up +7.9% in the days trade.

This article was first published on October 15, 2021