Wetland Reserve tourists greeted by crocodile basking in sun

Green grab from video facebook.com/groups/naturesocietysingapore

Tourists at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve weren't expecting such a close encounter with a wild crocodile, which has come out of its marshy dwelling to bask in the sun.

The reptile was seen lying leisurely on the walking pathway of the nature reserve enjoying the warmth of the sun.

A video uploaded on the Nature Society (Singapore) Facebook page on Monday, January 22, shows tourists, standing at a distance, extremely excited to see the majestic creature. After a while, the croc seemed to be startled by something and ran into the shrubs.

The video has garnered 280 reactions and was shared 129 times within minutes.

However, crocodile sightings, though a common occurrence in animal reserves, are not always taken lightly. Nature groups freaked out after Crocodile were spotted in areas like East Coast Park in November. They said that loss of their natural habitat or small changes in the ecosystem make these creatures to take refuge around Singapore beaches.

On August 23, 2017, the National Parks Board (NParks) had put up warning signs at Changi Beach Park after a crocodile was spotted in the area.

Even in natural reserves, one can spot the warning signs advising people to stay calm and not to provoke a crocodile.