Well-Being Reality Expands to the United States

Dr. Raymond Venter

Well-Being Reality, a healthcare company with its founder previously based in Dubai and South Africa, is pleased to announce its expansion to the United States. Through the company move, Well-Being Reality hopes to spread its take on natural healing, a process the company believes can safely treat ailments like cancer and heart disease. Well-Being Reality hopes for the movement to inspire the company's mission of facilitating permanent healing solutions through drug-free and accessible healthcare, which it hopes to continue spreading to those in the U.S.

"We believe organic treatment is the best treatment," holds the company's founder, Dr. Raymond Venter. Well-Being Reality aspires to treat patients with all problems with this approach.

The health issues that the company often assists with are often various types of Cancer, Type 2 Diabetes, Alzheimer's, Dementia, Fatty Liver, Kidney Failure, Coronary Heart Disease, and many others. "We have children and adults visit us, usually with some serious condition requiring further treatment modalities," says Dr. Venter. Well-Being Reality plans for the new location to help people with these troubles through a natural, organic process cultivated over the years.

To initially drive this activity and save a client's life, the company created a machine that they now use regularly, called the BioResonance Focused Ultrasound Machine. "This machine is an ultrasound that we hope can help us change the world's dependence on drugs," claims Dr. Raymond Venter, "with it, we have already successfully treated over 3500 people, who now live completely different lives."

The new location will feature all the same equipment as their UAE and Dubai offices, including the BioResonance Focused Ultrasound Machine. "We will strive to update the new office with all of our machines, tools, and equipment regularly, all of which we use, and will continue to utilize, in our practice consistently."

The company will plan to incorporate its organic strategy in the new location too. With a focus on treating the root cause of a patient's problems, "We strive for complete wellness," Dr. Raymond Venter maintains. To obtain this, the company believes in prescribing the most natural treatment one can receive.

The doctor opened the company intending to provide those with health troubles completely accessible, affordable, and drugless health. Well-Being Reality, therefore, aims to take a completely natural perspective on diagnosis and treatment; "We stand against damaging the cells, organs, and functions thereof in the name of treatment," claims the founder.

"Our new office is just the beginning for the company, which has expansive plans to assimilate our views on health around the world," claims Dr. Raymond Venter. "If we do not begin attending more to the root cause of health conditions, we are merely masking and prolonging symptoms and refilling a prescription to pay with side effects later. By expanding and utilizing our BioResonance Focused Ultrasound, we believe we have the ability to change the world's dependency on drugs."

Well-Being Reality, which stems from South Africa and Dubai, has a worldwide client base. Now, with the expansion to the U.S. after less than a decade, Well-being Reality has helped thousands of people worldwide. The company, with Dr. Raymond Venter at the helm, has set up high standards and a lifelong mission to take care of every person who needs help and is dealing with mild and severe health conditions.

To learn more visit well-beingreality.com and email Dr. Raymond Venter at Info@well-beingreality.com