Weibo Users Hail Chinese Worker as Hero for Kicking US Insignia at Chengdu Embassy - VIDEO

A widely shared video of the incident shows the Chinese worker kicking the insignia with his left foot before continuing to remove other fittings of the board

A Chinese worker seen kicking the US Embassy insignia after removing it from the wall of the American Consulate in Chengdu is being hailed a hero by the Weibo users in China.

The US officially shut down its consulate in the Chinese city of Chengdu on Monday morning after China in retaliation over the closure of the Chinese embassy in Houston, Texas ordered the Americans to close the Chengdu consulate.

Chinese worker kicks US insignia
Chinese worker kicks US insignia Videograb

China's state broadcaster CCTV posted a video of the US flag being lowered on Monday morning at 6:18 am local time. Several locals were seen outside booing at the bus that left the consulate building on Sunday.

Since the coronavirus outbreak, the US-China relations have been strained after the Trump government blamed the Chinese for the spread of the pandemic that has now affected millions world over.

The situation worsened further after Washington ordered China to stop its operations at the Houston consulate over claims that the Chinese mission was a hub for China's espionage activities inside the US.

Inside China, the US embassy closure news was greeted with celebration and in one incident a man was detained by the local police for bursting crackers outside the Chengdu consulate.

Chinese Workers Kicks US Insignia

A viral video that is widely shared by the Weibo users in China shows a Chinese worker kicking the official insignia consisting of an eagle.

A video of the incident shows the Chinese worker removing the US Embassy board with the insignia and dropping it near his feet. He then kicks the insignia with his left foot before continuing to remove other fittings of the board.

The Weibo users said that the Chinese worker was a real patriot and must be hailed as a national hero for kicking the enemy of the country. Another user suggested that it was the most appropriate thing to do with the US - "Kick them out this country."

Another viral video on Weibo that shows local Chinese workers disinfecting the US consulate also has seen the reactions from Chinese who mocked the US. The Chinese Weibo users hailed their government for cleaning up the premises as "the US has been unable to control the pandemic and there was no guarantee that the Americans in the embassy weren't infected."