'We Rejoice Today': ISIS Hails Coronavirus; Says It's Glad Thousands of Enemies are Dead

ISIS audio message describes coronavirus outbreak as God's punishment for enemies in the West, urges fighters to carry out more attacks.

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has described the coronavirus pandemic as divine punishment for its enemies, according to an audio broadcast released on Thursday, May 28, in which the terrorist organization also vowed to carry out more attacks. In the audio clip released on Thursday, ISIS said it was glad that the West was being destroyed by the coronavirus outbreak, calling the pandemic divine punishment by the almighty.


The 39-minute audio broadcast titled, "And the Disbelievers Will Know who Gets the Good End," was posted on one of the outfit's websites. The person in the audio identified himself as ISIS spokesman Abu Hamzah al-Quraishi. "We rejoice today with the great torment of God that befell you," he said in the message.

"God, by his will, sent a punishment to tyrants of this time and their followers... which can't be seen by the naked eye," al-Quraishi added, referring to the deadly virus that has killed more than 3,60,000 people around the world. "Today we are pleased for this punishment of God for you."

Warns of More Devastating Attacks

The audio broadcast was the terrorist organization's third such tape since Abu Ibrahim al-Hashemi al-Quraishi was appointed the leader following the killing of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi by U.S. special forces in Syria in October last year.

The group also warned of more devastating attacks that will be carried out by the terrorist organization. "A greater punishment will befall you with our hands," Abu Hamzah said in the broadcast before urging IS fighters around the world to "prepare whatever strength they could and be as hard as they could on the enemies of God and to raid their places."

"Don't let a single day pass without making their lives awful," the spokesman said.

Intelligence agencies are yet to verify the authenticity of the audio broadcast even though it came from one of IS's official media channels, the al-Furqan Foundation. However, analysts believe the voice of al-Quraishi seems to match the audio from previous releases.

ISIS has struggled to rebuild its strategy ever since Baghdadi was killed and has already lost a significant portion of territory in Syria last year after already being defeated in Iraq. However, the group has started reviving its terrorism network and has ramped up attacks in Syria and Iraq using the coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity to spread its reign of terror and destruction, as reported by NBC News.

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