'Wave, Wave': Jill Biden Caught Instructing 'Confused' Joe Biden to Wave at the Crowd During WH Easter Egg Roll

Concerns about U.S. President Joe Biden's 'declining mental health' were raised after the first lady, Jill Biden, was heard instructing him to wave at the crowd. The incident took place during White House Easter Egg Roll held on Monday after a gap of two years.

An Easter Bunny was also seen stopping Biden to answer questions from Afghan reporter Nazira Karimi.

Biden wave
Jill Biden was heard instructing Joe Biden to wave at the crowd. Twitter

Biden Gets Confused at Easter Egg Roll?

A video of Biden's gaffe emerged on social media. The first couple is seen surrounded by two Easter Bunnies as Biden welcomes the attendees to the White House's South Lawn. Welcome to South Lawn. Thank you and Happy Happy Easter. Alright," Biden says as crowd breaks into a cheer.

At this moment Jill starts waving at the crowd and instructs Biden to do the same. "Wave, Wave," Jill Biden was caught saying on the hot mic. Biden the quickly proceeds to wave at the crowd following his wife's instructions.

Earlier, Biden was seen shaking his hand in thin air after delivering a speech in North Carolina on Thursday. He looked confused as he offered a handshake with thin air following the 40-minute speech at North Carolina Agriculture and Technical University in Greensboro. Videos that emerged on social media showed that Biden ended his speech with the sign off 'God bless you all' and turned to his right saying something to empty space beside him and miming a handshake.

Jill Biden Trends on Social Media

The video sparked a lot of reactions involving the First Lady. "Jill Biden directs the President to "Wave, wave" at the Easter Egg Roll around 17 seconds in the video. Totally normal stuff," tweeted a user.

"Jill Biden having to tell her dementia-riddled husband to wave is the saddest thing I've seen," wrote another.

"The POTUS needs to be told when to WAVE ? When do you say when @FLOTUS ? @joebiden is a National Security Risk," opined a user.

"Y'all see that POS Jill Biden with that demented fool. She even had to whisper for him to wave. Then reading that kid book. OMG, you can see his mind gone. That bitch needs to be ashamed and imprisoned for her culpability," read a tweet.