Was Waukesha Car Attack a 'Racist Hate Crime'? Expert Points to 'Unusual Movement of Vehicle'

Social media is brimming with theories pertaining to the Wisconsin car crash that killed 5 people and injured dozens of others, most of whom were reportedly children. A Christmas parade in the city of Waukesha turned into a tragic scene when a speeding SUV rammed into the crowd gathered for the parade.

Eyewitnesses to the incident described the horror scene and alleged that 'bodies flew' when the speeding car struck the crowd. The suspect, Darrell Brooks, is in the custody of the police. Officers, however, have not been able to determine a motive behind the incident.

Social media sleuths have come up with various theories in connection with the Wisconsin tragedy. Some compared the incident to the Kenosha shootings and called it an act of 'domestic terrorism' while alleging it was connected to the acquittal of Kyle Rittenshouse two days ago on November 19. Some, on the other hand, also claimed that Brooks, who has a long rap sheet, was fleeing another incident involving knives when he crashed the parade.

Darrell Brooks, who is a rapper and goes by the name, 'Mathboi Fly' on Facebook, apparently used the same car in the video of one of his songs, that he crashed into the crowd in Waukesha. Brooks also had another account by the name 'Jay Brooks'. Twitterati, attributing to some posts made on Darrell's personal account [which has since been deleted] dubbed the incident a 'racist hate crime'. Brooks allegedly talked about "knocking white people off" in an old Facebook post.

darrell Brooks
The suspect driving the speeding SUV which ran over multiple people during the Christmas Day Parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, on Sunday. Twitter

'The face of Black terrorism'

Darrell appeared to have shared a video on his Facebook page about a young girl arguing with her parents for being Conservatives. "So when we start bakk knokkin white ppl TF out ion wanna hear it. the old white ppl 2, KNOKK DEM TF OUT!! PERIOD," he captioned the post. Social media users mentioned other such 'problematic' posts made by Darrell and called him the 'face of black terrorism'.

A Facebook post by Darrell Brooks
A Facebook post by Darrell Brooks Screen grab - Facebook

Peculiar things about the incident

A former FBI agent, Clint Watts, pointed out some peculiar things about the incident. Commenting on a video of the incident, Watts noted how in some places, the suspect seemed to 'deliberately mow over people' and in other places, tried to save them. Clint further added that such types of vehicle-borne incidents usually occur at places with no police presence. The incident in question, however, took place in the presence of law enforcement. "[The suspect] knew there was a parade and there would be law enforcement," he said. Watts then pressed that "we shouldn't probably jump to any conclusions" since the incident is very strange.