War of the Worlds incident happened real life? Black UFO falling from a rainbow baffles locals

YouTube: AB News

'War of the Worlds' is one of the most iconic alien movies ever made in the history of cinema. This film directed by legendary director Steven Spielberg had featured aliens falling to the earth in dark pods during the time of thunderstorms before it activate giant war machines buried underground.

A similar incident recently happened in Somerset as local resident Megan Taylor filmed a black object falling from the rainbow soon after a lightning hit the area. Taylor revealed that she was puzzled and shocked to witness the eerie incident. The news of the strange event was first broke by Bridgwater Mercury.

"I've never seen a storm quite like it and I've definitely never seen something falling to Earth like that either. I have no idea what it was," said Taylor, Dailymail reports.

As the video went viral on the internet, viewers started coming out with various theories explaining the bizarre incident. Most of the viewers who watched the video assumed that the UFO might have lost control after it got hit by the lightning.

Some other people called it a piece of ice falling from the sky, while others explained that it is a spec of dirt falling down through the lens of the camera.

Nigel Watson, author the Haynes UFO Investigation Manual too shared his views on this bizarre happening.

"The video does make it look like this is something solid falling from the sky, like one of the Martian cylinders in The War of the Worlds. Yet, it somehow looks artificial in its descent. Such an apparently big object would have made a big impact on landing but nothing of this nature has been reported. I would say it is something mundane rather than the start of a Martian invasion," told Nigel Watson to Daily Mail.