Want to downgrade your iPhone, iPad? Apple briefly signs older iOS versions

iphone x ios 11.2.1 jailbreak
Чудо техники/YouTube

If you have been longing to downgrade your iPhone or iPad's software version, Apple Inc has briefly signed older versions of iOS. This allows device owners to get notches down from iOS 11 and have their phones or tablets jailbroken.

For the uninitiated, downgrading the OS versions of an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch gives users the ability to get compatible iOS jailbreaks and break away from restrictions Apple set for its line of mobile devices.

A few iOS versions of iOS 6 to iOS 11.2, except for iOS 11.1.2, have just been signed and it is expected to end soon. Apple did not publicly announce the move but nosy jailbreak enthusiasts have noticed the change and created discussions on Reddit.

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Some users have claimed to be able to downgrade their devices and saved SHSH2 blobs for a couple of iOS versions due to a bug. However, issues were inevitable in this case as some of them reported that they were not able to activate their devices despite being able to downgrade their iOS versions.

It remains a mystery how and when the signing began or if Apple intentionally opened it. In theory and in practice, Apple shuts down signing of older iOS versions to keep jailbreakers at bay.

Currently, the most recent jailbreak solutions available to the public is iOS 10.3.3 as the iOS 11, iOS 11.1 and iOS 11.2 are only open to developers for now.

This article was first published on January 12, 2018