Walmart Karen Accuses Black Teen of Stealing Shirt; Shouts, "Get Out of My Store"

A black teen was accused of stealing and asked to leave a Walmart store by a woman who said she was an employee. The victim revealed that the incident took place at Walmart located in Santee, California.

The woman store employee, who wasn't identified, was dubbed as Walmart Karen by the victim and social media users.

walmart karen
Woman dubbed as WalMart Karen accused teen of stealing a shirt. Twitter

Teen Was Trying an Oversized T-Shirt

The video of the incident was uploaded by the victim on his TikTok page under the name @uglahnose. The video has been viewed over 2 million on TikTok alone besides being shared multiple times of other social media platforms.

The video shows the teen wearing an oversized black t-shirt when a woman asks him to remove it. "Take that shirt off and put your shirt back on and get steppin'," the woman is heard telling the boy as she goes on to add, "That's a nice shirt. Take it off, put your shirt back on and get out of my store."

Responding after being accused of stealing, the boy says, "What are you talking about? I'm not even trying to steal, I'm just trying it on."

"Really? Because that's a tag right there, 'extra large,'" says the store employee.

As the woman continues to accuse the teen of trying to steal the T-shirt, he says that he wasn't and was just trying it on. "Look the video is on," he says while pointing towards the camera.

Teen Says Dressing Rooms Were Closed at the Store

The victim captioned the video, "I was trying a shirt on at Walmart and Karen thought I was stealing."

Daily Dot reported that the TikToker wrote in the comments that he was visiting the local Walmart along with his father who was in grocery section. Adding that as the dressing rooms were closed and he wanted to try a shirt, the teen set up the phone camera as his mirror.

The video left many social media users divided over the claims being made by the teenager. While some thought it to be staged, a few also found the teen trying a shirt outside the dressing room a bit strange.

"Nah she might not have been wrong. As far as I can recall, I have never seen someone try on a t-shirt. On the other hand shoplifters so so they can wear the mech," wrote a Twitter user.

Many even objected to the Walmart employee's behavior. "WALMART needs to fire this woman," wrote a user as another added, "Do you give people a chance?".

"I don't miss any of the Karens, one popped up at a Walmart store in LA California accusing a young boy of trying to steal a shirt while his dad was at the grocery section. The boy was trying on the shirt outside the dressing room, of course they were closed," read a tweet.