The Walking Dead season 10 episode 16 spoilers: Showrunner teases new characters, epic conflicts

The Walking Dead is yet to conclude season 10 because of the coronavirus-related shutdown and the final episode will be packed with a lot of surprises

The Walking Dead season 10 is currently on a hiatus and the final episode of this season is yet to get an air date. Episode 16 is titled A Certain Doom and the post-production work of it has not been completed due to the current work shutdown related to the coronavirus pandemic. According to showrunner Angela Kang, it is worth the wait as the last episode is packed with a lot of surprises.

From the introduction of new characters and epic conflicts to Maggie's return and Beta's revenge, the upcoming episode is packed with a lot of interesting elements, Kang said. He added that Negan will have to face the consequences for killing Alpha and for making things difficult for the "entire community of people".

Trouble ahead for Negan

Though Jeffrey Dean Morgan's character may come up with his own explanation for everything he did, the communities may not really accept it. Kang revealed that things are going to turn out to be rather complicated for Negan especially because the entire community has no home now.

"I think he has a good argument of "This is what I had to do to get it done". And other people are going to feel like, "Well, if you are right next to her with a fire arrow, why not shoot it into her head instead of at our house?" the showrunner said during an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

The Walking Dead

New characters and epic conflicts

Kang then spoke about Maggie's return in the final episode of The Walking Dead season 10. She said cast member Lauren Cohan will reprise her role as Maggie in episode 16. Kang also explained the various things the series' followers can look forward to in the last episode of The Walking Dead season 10.

"We'll see some more of the new characters as they're featured this season, and we will see more of the epic conflict we've been witnessing all season with the survivors and the Whisperers. And we'll see that Maggie is.... We'll know what's happened with her and what that means for our group. And our people are obviously on this collision course with the Whisperer horde. We will see Beta doing his thing as the leader of the Whisperers, hell bent on his revenge," the showrunner said.