The Walking Dead season 10 episode 16 spoilers: A Certain Doom to feature Negan, Beta showdown

Actress Sydney Park will reprise her role as Cyndie while Negan meets the Princess in last episode of The Walking Dead season 10, titled A Certain Doom.

The Walking Dead season 10 episode 16 will be filled with a lot of action-packed sequences, including a showdown between Negan and Beta. Whether you call it a special episode or a season finale, the next episode of this television drama will be one of the most loved episodes of this season. It will bring in many surprises like Cyndie's return and Negan's meeting with the Princess.

The new episode is titled A Certain Doom and will air sometime later this year. This episode was supposed to serve as the season finale, but the coronavirus-related shutdown delayed the post production process of it and AMC was forced to end the season a week earlier than the scheduled time with episode 15, titled The Tower.

Showdown between Negan and Beta

A Certain Doom is directed by Greg Nicotero and is going to be a "massive one", according to cast member Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The actor said Nicotero is known for his directing skills and he cannot wait to watch the last episode of this season, which will be a "big one" with plenty of things happening in it.

The 54-year-old actor also shared tidbits of information about the season finale and urged his fans to wait for a showdown between his character and Beta in episode 16. "I know there needs to be some sort of something with Beta, because he is still on the loose and creating havoc. So until that's taken care of, it is really hard to move forward," the actor said in an interview with TooFab.

The Walking Dead

A meeting between Negan and the Princess

Morgan then teased his character's possible meeting with the Princess in A Certain Doom. The actor said he loved the idea of introducing the Princess in episode 15 and it was like she just "sort of popped" out. The kind of energy that she is showcasing on screen is "really fun" to watch, he added.

The cast member also admitted that he has become a huge fan of the character now and he cannot really wait to watch his character having some fun with the Princess. He even asked viewers to wait for some fun-filled scenes in the last episode of season 10.

Cyndie returns

Actress Sydney Park hinted that she will be reprising her role as Oceanside leader Cyndie in The Walking Dead season 10 episode 16. Though she refused to share any details about her appearance in the finale, she assured her fans that the character is still alive.

"I can't say anything, but just know that I'm alive, y'all. I'm alive," Park said during an interview with Where Is The Buzz TV.