Vitoria Costa de Castro: Brazilian Teen Mom Dies Mysteriously While Having Sex in Shower with Husband

De Castro's husband said that the couple had just had sex in their bedroom before deciding to go into the shower when she became unresponsive.

A Brazilian teenage student and mom-of-one died after passing out while having sex in the shower with her husband. Authorities said that Vitoria Costa de Castro, 18, died suddenly at her home while she was enjoying shower sex with her 19-year-old husband.

The incident happened at Sao Vicente, Brazil. De Castro's husband said that the couple had just had sex in their bedroom before deciding to go into the shower. However, de Castro suddenly became unresponsive and was declared dead. Police have launched an investigation into the mysterious death and has yet not ruled out foul play in the tragic incident.

Tragic Death

Vitoria Costa de Castro
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The deceased's husband claims that his young bride, whose baby is two months old, was enjoying the shower sex with him but suddenly passed out during the act. But by the time medics arrived at the scene, she was pronounced dead during the early hours of March 18.

According to the medical staff, de Castro did not show any signs or marks of violence. Vitoria's dad arrived at the house followed by the police after being called by the husband.

According to local media reports, it still remains unclear what could have led to the Brazilian mom's shower sex death, but officials are working out a theory. The teen mom's family said she had no prior health issues from what they knew. The family also says she didn't smoke, drink or do any drugs. However, preliminary evidence suggests de Castro may have suffered from an undiagnosed heart condition.

Excessive Sex Leads to Death?

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Although de Castro didn't have any prior heart related problem, the cause of death as of now is believed to be heart failure. One of the primary reasons behind this could be excessive sex, according to doctors. Doctors believe that high frequency of sexual activity could have doubled her number of heartbeats per minutes.

This would have caused her blood pressure to rise and her lungs to have become overworked. As a result of this de Castro became unresponsive suddenly leading her to death. The case is still being fully investigated and police have not yet ruled out chances of foul play. However, preliminary investigations haven't lead investigations to any evidence of murder.