Virginia Lyft Driver Sexually Assaults Teen Boy on Way Back From School

A Lyft driver has been accused of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old male passenger while riding him home from school in Virginia. Reportedly, the teenager took the Lyft ride service to his school on Monday when he exchanged contacts with the accused.

Authorities determined the teenage victim directly contacted the accused driver, Ejaz Hussain, to take a ride back to his Manassas residence from school when he was allegedly assaulted by Hussain.

The incident came to light when the teen reached home to narrate the horrific assault. Members of the victim's family subsequently contacted the police to file a complaint against the culprit. No injuries were reported in the sexual assault, according to the authorities.

Virginia Lyft Driver
Lyft driver charged with sexual assault on teen riding home from school Web Screen Grab

Criminal Charges Against Lyft Driver

The driver Ejaz Hussain was arrested on June 14. Hussain has been charged with one count of sexual battery and is being held on a $3,500 bond. Hussain's court date is currently pending.

Did Lyft Suggest Uber Create Database of Drivers Fired For Sex Abuse?

The incident took place three months after Lyft said it would collaborate with Uber to create a database of drivers fired for sexual abuse complaints. Reportedly, 72 passengers are suing the company for alleged sexual assault incidents while using Lyft service.

Who is Ejaz Hussain?

Ejaz Hussain, 58, is a driver in Virginia working for Lyft. Reportedly, Potomac Local has revealed that Hussain resides in Camdenhurst Dr in Gainesville.

Hussain was arrested after officers received a sexual assault complaint from the 8800 block of Rixlew Ln in Manassas (20109) on June 14. According to Fox 5 DC, the teenage boy, whose name has not been disclosed being a minor, directly called the Lyft driver Hussain again for a ride home after school.

Uber Data Shows Nearly 6,000 Sexual Assaults During Trip

More than 5,981 instances of sexual assault have been reported in a document released by Uber recently. The document reveals over 460 reports of rape over a period of two years from 2017 to 2018. In 2018, Uber reported over 3,000 instances of sexual assaults, including everything from non-consensual kissing to sexual penetration. This questions safety of passengers in Uber and any other form of transportation.

Where to get Information About Dealing With Sexual Abuse?

The National Sexual Violence Resource Center can help victims with information about reporting and coping with sexual abuse. Their website also provides training materials and tips on how to prevent sexual abuse.