Viral Video Shows Handcuffed Georgia Woman Falling From Police Car and Dying; Cops Accused of Negligence

A video showing a handcuffed Georgia woman falling from a police car and dying has gone viral on social media. The clip from the bodycam footage of the cops was released by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation this week which has invited a sharp retort from the social media followers.

Brianna Grier, 28, a schizophrenia, was having mental health crises on July 14 when her family called for help. As she was being taken away to the hospital, Grier fell from the passenger side door of a Hancock County sheriff's deputy's patrol vehicle as the door was not closed.

Her seat belt too was not fastened which further puts a question mark on the "working" of the cops concerned. She was hospitalized but went into comma and died on July 21.

Brianna Grier

Human Rights Activists Refuse to Buy the Police Story

NBC News stated that Grier's family members and their attorney, civil rights lawyer Benjamin Crump, have demanded answers about how it could have occurred. Body camera video appears to show two sheriff's deputies carrying Grier, who is distraught and appears to be handcuffed, by her arms and legs to a patrol vehicle.

A deputy at one point appears to unholster a stun gun and activate it while holding at his side, not pointed at her, and telling her to "get up," the video shows. He then puts the stun gun back in its holster and the two deputies lift her and put her in the back seat of the vehicle, the report stated further.

Some of the human rights activists have taken to social media platforms, demanding explanation from the cops. They even stated that something is fishy and not right about the whole episode.

A Twitter user while asking for an explanation stated, "Georgia Woman Dies After "Falling" Out of Police Car and Her Family Wants Answers how does one "fall out of a police car?"

Another user wrote, "Brianna Grier's life mattered & we won't let her death get swept under the rug! The Georgia Bureau of Investigations should release a FULL & transparent report into Brianna's in-custody fall from a transport vehicle, which led to her fatal brain injury! #JusticeForBriannaGrier."