Viral Video: Oklahoma Jail Inmate Holds Officer Hostage, Streams FB Live

An inmate of the Oklahoma County Jail was shot dead after he held one of the correctional officers hostage. Inmates had live-streamed the hostage situation on Facebook.

Oklahoma correctional officers have shot an inmate after he took an officer hostage. The jail inmates live-streamed the hostage situation on Facebook. Officers killed the inmate after a two-hour standoff.

One of the correctional officers was held hostage by inmates on the 10th floor of the Oklahoma County Jail. KOCO news channel reported that the officer was attacked when he went to deliver medication. The Facebook live showed detention officer on his knees.

Oklahoma hostage
Inmates of Oklahoma County Jail held correction officer hostage. Twitter screengrab

Ruckus at Oklahoma Jail

The incident occurred at 10.01 PM EDT on March 27. Greg Williams, administrator for the Oklahoma County Jail Trust, said that the officer was overrun by an inmate during pill pass and then he was taken hostage. The inmate is said to have snatched away officer's radio and keys. He is said to have opened the locks and released many of the other inmates on the 10th floor.

Addressing a press conference, Oklahoma County Sheriff Tommie Johnson III said that officers tried to de-escalate the situation. "But shots were fired after the inmate had the correctional officer in a hostage position and held something to his neck. Lethal force was taken, and the suspect was shot on scene. We were able to get the detention officer out safely," Johnson said.

Local law enforcement agencies, officers with the Oklahoma City Police Department, and the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office rushed to the spot to de-escalate the situation.

Cops have not disclosed the name of the inmate and the officer. The officer is said to be getting treated in a hospital. However, no information regarding the extent of injuries suffered by officer have been released. Reports claim that the authorities have said that the officer was expected to be fine.

Oklahoma City Police Department will lead the probe and several investigators have been called in to conduct interviews. More details on the situation are not available as authorities said that the investigation was in the preliminary stages.

Oklahoma Jail in Bad Condition

The Oklahoma jail has been under scanner for poor facilities for a long time. The ownership was changed in June 2020 and currently the jail trust is being overseen by Greg Williams. Despite promises made to better the facilities inside the jail including infrastructure and food, it is said that the condition of the jail has not improved.

KOCO news reported that they witnessed faulty mortar and glass block windows, and leaking sewage from the ceiling. Reports also claimed that thanks to glass block windows, recently one of the inmates had escaped the jail using bed sheets.